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Nonprofit Program Managers and Fundraisers: How Leveraging Salesforce Customization Could Help You

Leveraging Salesforce Customization for Nonprofits

Different industry segments have benefited from Salesforce implementation; the same is true with nonprofits. For a nonprofit organization, the key is always to bring in donations to work towards a respective cause, and that’s what program managers and fundraisers keep working for. That could all become easier by leveraging Salesforce customization with the help of professionals.

According to the Nonprofits Trends Report 2022, only 12% of nonprofit organizations globally can be considered to be “digitally mature”. These nonprofits are able to leverage data in a better way to improve decision-making, forecast funding income, and personalize communication with donors. Only these nonprofits that are digitizing are 4x more likely to reach their goals.  Along with this, these organizations are twice more likely to achieve the desired improvement in their operations.

With Salesforce customization, nonprofits are leveraging the power of using Salesforce to its full potential, utilizing its features that could help with fundraising through effective campaigns.

This blog would act as a guide for program managers and fundraisers at nonprofits who seek to improve their operations and campaign performance by customizing Salesforce for nonprofits. We’ll be talking about the following:

1. Importance of leveraging Salesforce customization for nonprofits

2. What is Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

3. Tools for nonprofits for better performance

So, let’s get started.

1. Importance of Leveraging Salesforce Customization for Nonprofits

The idea behind Salesforce customization is to implement a tailored Salesforce solution that aligns well with the goals of a specific business. For nonprofits, leveraging Salesforce customization can bring wonders. 

With Salesforce customization, nonprofits would be able to work with a custom solution that is designed specifically for them, considering the uniqueness of their mission and the cause they’re working for. Here’s what a customized Salesforce solution would enable you to do that would make it important to consider. 

Customize donor database: You’ll be able to customize your donor database, enabling the team to add custom objects, fields, and relationships easily. 

Access personalized reports: You can create personalized reports and dashboards to track the performance of your campaigns. You can even share those personalized dashboards with volunteers, staff, and the board. 

Program management: Customizing Salesforce would allow you to access a program management module specific to the fundraisers you’re running to track the performance. 

Work with pre-built email templates: With a customized solution, you’ll be able to access pre-built email templates specific to your nonprofit mission goals, enabling you to personalize them according to your donor segments. 

2. What is Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)?

NPSP is a free solution by Salesforce, specially curated for nonprofits, which helps to organize and manage fields and objects according to the needs and goals of the organization. 

With the help of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, nonprofit organizations are able to access all those features and functionalities that relate perfectly to a nonprofit mission. You can implement a customized Salesforce solution and work with the free NPSP and acquire access to all features that could help your nonprofits to run better fundraising programs and achieve your mission. 

3. Tools for Nonprofits for Better Performance

As you choose to customize your Salesforce solution, there are also other tools that you can integrate with your customized solution to boost productivity and streamline fundraising operations. 

Being a nonprofit organization, you’d surely be using different applications, whether it is for event management or donation campaigns. With Salesforce customization services, you’d be able to integrate these solutions together and easily access them within your Salesforce instance. This will save you a lot of time that you might have been spending switching between apps to find the right information and make suitable decisions.  

Let’s have a look at these tools that will take your productivity and the performance of your campaigns off the chart. 

Event Management

You can integrate tools for event management that enables teams to prepare for an event, schedule events, send invites, and set reminders. Integrating these tools with Salesforce will enable you to do it all from your CRM, along with easy tracking of the performance and results of your events. 

Marketing and Fundraising 

Teams at nonprofits can use multiple marketing and fundraising tools to enable peer-to-peer fundraising from their Salesforce org. This will not only help them raise money but will also expand the donor base to increase the probability of more donations. The supporters of the cause could set up their own fundraising pages and work to raise donations on behalf of your nonprofit organization.  

Donation Tools

You would surely be using different donation tools online that would help fundraisers to gather funding to achieve the nonprofit mission. Integrating these donation tools with Salesforce would enable your program managers to run the fundraising campaigns that would be powered by Salesforce.  

Leverage Salesforce Customization to Boost Your Nonprofit Effort

By far, you would have clearly understood that the benefits of Salesforce are not limited to businesses that are seeking more profits. The Salesforce CRM can also bring in a transformation for nonprofit organizations. From efficiently managing fundraising campaigns to bringing in more donor attention, a customized Salesforce solution can help your nonprofit to achieve the smoothness in your operations that you have always been seeking.

Salesforce is the best CRM that could revolutionize the way nonprofits have been operating, bringing in the kind of attention that organizations seek. With Salesforce customization and features of NPSP, nonprofits can leverage the power of the best features that could streamline their workflow and enhance performance. Contact us if you want to know more about how you can use Salesforce to improve your fundraising programs.

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