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What are Salesforce Partners and why should you find one?

Salesforce Partners

Whether you’re just starting out on your Salesforce journey or planning to extend your Salesforce investment and solution, Salesforce partners can help you get there. 

Top Salesforce consulting firms have trusted advisors, trained and experienced to help you meet your organization’s objectives while you use Salesforce. Partners work with organizations across products, industries, and sizes to advise on Salesforce solutions and implement them for business growth.

What is the partner tier system?

Salesforce partners are ranked according to tiers on the basis of different factors like successful project deliveries, company innovation, and business growth.

These Partner Tiers are based on the Trailblazer Score of each partner. It helps to access their contribution to goals defined by Salesforce in four categories:

  1. Customer Success
  2. Innovation
  3. Growth
  4. Leadership

All Salesforce consulting services are provided with a tier group depending on their score. The best Salesforce partners with the highest score are in the Summit tier, like us.

We’ve mentioned here the different types of Salesforce tiers, in order of highest to lowest scoring.

Why You Need Salesforce Partners

A Salesforce partner can guide and assist you to set up and get you running in as little as 2 weeks, depending on how complex your needs are. 

Here are some reasons to provide you with an idea of why you should consider hiring the right Salesforce Partners:

1. Custom Development

You can do pretty much anything with Salesforce with an experienced Salesforce developer on hand.

Many businesses usually require customization, including the creation of custom objects and fields outside of the standard out-of-the-box solutions. Along with this, you probably would need custom code solutions, custom app integrations, and more. 

With the help of an experienced Salesforce consultant, you can determine the design specifications that need customization to make your Salesforce solution work well for your business.

2. Data Migration

Before getting started with affordable Salesforce consultation and implementation, it’s a good idea to think about your ideal process to follow for migration and decide on the data you need from your legacy system.

You have to take an honest look at your current data. It’s true that a system is only as good as its data and that is applied even when you’re migrating data to your CRM.

Top Salesforce consulting companies in the USA can easily handle the heavy lifting involved in data migration, once you’ve managed the data cleaning and mapping.

3. Quality Assurance

A reliable Salesforce implementation partner would always have an experienced quality assurance team, responsible to test all new environments. 

Testing the new environment becomes especially important if your Salesforce environment is complex and/or has a lot of customization. With the help of quality assurance, you can be sure that everything that’s set up and functioning is according to the design specifications and standards.

4. Training and Deployment

Salesforce is more than just new software for a company – it’s an entirely new and more efficient way of operating to boost business growth. Thus, it requires proper training and onboarding for your entire team to use Salesforce to its full potential. 

Experienced Salesforce consulting partners will take the responsibility of conducting in-depth training for your employees, enabling successful team adoption. 

The team will help your sales team see beyond the challenge of learning a new system to a more efficient sales process for a better-managed pipeline and improved deal closure.

Get the Right Salesforce Partners Onboard

Going with Salesforce implementation is an exciting step. Salesforce helps you get the ability to leave your mark on your company and make impactful, lasting changes to the way your business operates. 

Contact us if you have any questions about Salesforce consulting and implementation process. Contact us for any queries; we’d love to help you sort out your issues and support you.

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