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Build CRM-Driven Websites without Code using Experience Builder

Experience Builder

When you are using Experience Cloud to build an aesthetic and powerful website, you need to give in a lot of preparation and plan the vision. But what about the code? Well, that’s the thing you won’t have to worry about when you are using Experience Builder to build the site.

Before going further, let’s understand what’s Experience Builder. 

Experience Builder is a clicks-based and declarative tool for experience management that helps the website builder to create game-changing experiences for customers, employees, and partners on the Lightning platform. And the best part is you don’t even have to write a single line of code for it.

Why You Should Use Experience Builder

Now you know using the Builder to build a site saves you from writing code for it. But there’s a lot more to it. 

1. Intuitive 

The usability of the platform is one of its greatest characteristics. But of course, you need to give in time and study to gain expertise in the platform. 

However, this platform is created thinking about the designers who want to learn and grow in the field. There are many paths that an admin can choose to design and build a site. But the good thing is that the basics are available right at their fingertips. Also, the builder support drag and drop tools, thus making the admin always aware of the changes that can impact the site. 

2. Innovative

People who are always aware of Salesforce releases would know that every time there is an improvement with Experience Cloud, the major improvements are seen in the Builder, being the core of the development for sites that are based on Lightning. 

Over time, a lot of innovation has been seen with Lightning Web Components and their role in Salesforce. The Build Your Own Lightning Web Component template was also released that helps in the performance enhancement for sites that use custom components. 

3. Powerful

We’ve mentioned Experience Builder in Salesforce to be intuitive but it doesn’t mean that it is a narrow tool. In fact, the tool is extremely robust and empowers the site builder to enhance the site experience. 

The platform comes with themes that can drive the overall feel and look of the site. Salesforce offers seven out-of-the-box themes that help builders to create amazing changes through clicks within seconds. It even supports custom themes, allowing site builders to create themes that make sense for a business. 

Use Experience Builder to Build No Code Websites

So, now you know a lot about Experience Builder, especially how it can be helpful when you think of building the next site. It’s time to give your site the look and feel that could bring in customers, without having to code anything. That’s something this platform will make possible for you. 

You can even talk to our certified consultants if you want to know more about working with Experience Cloud and what features can work for your business.


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