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360 Degree Cloud Technologies offers wide range of customizations to the® platform to meet the business specific requirements of the clients by improving resource efficiency, thereby setting them free to pursue their core competencies.

The 360 Degree Cloud Technologies team possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of Salesforce® and® PaaS. Our team is predisposed to pick the best Salesforce® built-in functionality and tweak the rest to bring down cost and enhance productivity and businesses of the clients. We enable clients to maximize returns through investment in, Inc. and accrue the benefits of a strong Customer Relationship Management and Salesforce® automation.


360 Degree Cloud Technologies + Your Business = Proven Results

360 Degree Cloud Technologies offers unique and innovative business consulting to provide you with the optimum CRM solution and gear your business towards increased productivity and revenue generation. 360 Degree Cloud Technologies has the expertise, relevant know-how, and a proven track record, to pursue and deliver success. Our team delivers best Salesforce® practices from thousands of successful implementations. When it comes to Business Consulting, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies is your best bet.

Contact us and one of our professional consultants will drop by and review your current Business approach and draft a winning strategy on where to engage and what to do. Our team:

  • Proposes the most appropriate Salesforce® edition to you based on multiple factors, thereby bringing down license costs.
  • Understands the problem areas of the company and comes up with the best solution with in the confines of the budget and time limitations
  • Assists the companies to grow by determing and staying committed to their core competencies.
  • Deploys Agile technology to ensure phase-wise and chronological implementation.
  • Extends Analytics on key Return on Investment(ROI) parameters.
  • Expedites feature requests and addresses any product issues that might be impacting project success.

Systems Integration

When it comes to integrating 3rd party systems and applications with Cloud Computing (, Inc.), you can rely on 360 Degree Cloud Technologies. We are an expert in integrating CRM Solution for Salesforce®
with websites and other notable third party systems like:





Exact Target









360 Degree Cloud Technologies holds extensive experience of integrating CRM Solution for Salesforce®
using the SOAP, REST, JSON, BAPI, IDOC and other integration mechanisms. Our team is equally adept at integrating salesforce® with various wordpress and PHP websites. Our team can consolidate your business processes and get your business into cloud with Salesforce® and 3rd party services so that you concentrate on your Strategic Goals & Core Business objectives and accrue optimum Sales revenue with better utilization of your sales teams. Bring all your data at one place and pursue your dreams more vigorously with Salesforce®.

See more examples of integrations here.

Business Adoption

360 Degree Cloud Technologies can streamline your Salesforce® adoption by propeling your business into cloud so that you stay committed to your strategic Goals and Core objectives and achieve maximum Sales revenue with appropriate utilization of your resources.

By training your employees on® platform and teaching them about Salesforce® platform, you can look forward to an excellent and seamless experience switching to Salesforce®. Our experts impart in depth knowledge about Salesforce® to your staff and give them hands-on training so that you can avail the following benefits:

  • Better user adoption rate
  • Excellent Return on Investment
  • Timely deployments
  • Better capital savings

By bringing together extensive platform knowledge with years of industry experience, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies accomplishes Salesforce® implementations that assist organizations of all sizes extract insight and intelligence from their investments in Salesforce®.

Technology Support

360 Degree Cloud Technologies lends technology support to the clients to ensure that their data and applications are transferred to the Salesforce® platform efficiently. Our comprehensive technology support makes sure that the client has an experienced partner by their side to guide their business through each stage of cloud transformation. You can also bolster sales strategy with guidance from the best in the industry.

Working with 360 Degree Cloud has been great. Their talented team resolved all critical issues that were troubling our organization without any major hiccups. Moreover, they were able to finish our project on time with little rework. Well done 360 Degree Cloud!
Good Work! Very knowledgeable with a good team in place. Completed the work on time and was committed to the project until I was satisfied.
We are delighted with 360 Degree Cloud Technologies and the solutions they have delivered for our clients. They were very quick in picking up our needs and simplifying the complex. Using business language rather than technical jargon, they produced proposals which was spot on and reflected exactly the areas discussed. We are very pleased with their service levels - they are always at the end of the phone. All of this is done in a professional, efficient and courteous manner.
360 Degree Cloud's agile and user-focused implementation approach sets them apart from other mediocre players in the marketplace. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with 360 Degree Cloud.
360 Degree Cloud doesn't merely offer Salesforce consulting, they also create a plan unique to your business goals. Their response to my needs was always top notch. 360 Degree Cloud constantly looked forward to improve my business and make it successful. Thank you 360 Degree Cloud.

I would highly recommend 360 Degree Cloud to any organization looking forward to implementing or customizing their Salesforce org. I’ve even recommended them to some of my associates and business partners who are looking for reliable Salesforce consultants.