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CTI Call App

CTI Call is a Salesforce application that logs every inbound and outbound call in a Salesforce org to integrate the gathered records with essential sales and marketing information. The users can register each phone call in Salesforce; thereby incorporating productivity to incoming and outgoing phone calls.

CTI Call secures all the essential information a user gathers with every client call, then consequently add that in Salesforce. Whether the phone calls are to be logged in Salesforce as Tasks, Cases, and Opportunities is for the user to decide. With CTI Call, you can avail a comprehensive view of all your correspondence with the important contacts.


  1. Click to Dial

    Click on any phone number to automatically log a call.

  2. Any Salesforce Object

    Make calls from any Salesforce standard or Custom Object.

  3. Take Notes during call

    Take real time notes while you are on a call.

  4. Call logs

    Track all your calls using the Activity history as well as call logs provided in the dialer.

  5. Real time activity refresh

    Activity history is created in real time without refreshing the page.

  6. Call Recording

    Record all your calls so that you stay updated with all your conversations.

  7. Voice Mailbox

    In case you are unavailable, customers can simply drop a voice message.

  8. Record Tracking

    As soon as you receive a call, view the Salesforce record who lodged the call.

  9. Ease of Use

    Just enable calling and you are good to go. The app starts working immediately.

  10. Multiple Calls

    Make multiple calls one-by-one to your customers in an orderly way to save time and efforts.

  11. Lightning Experience Compatible

    The app is fully compatible with Lightning Experience.

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