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Enabling Customer Self-Service with Salesforce

Customer Self-Service with Salesforce

It’s true that customers might lose trust and confidence in a brand if its customer service is not up to the mark. Even it’s common that customers might switch to another brand after they face insufficient customer service. But at the end of the brands, being available at all times can be difficult too. That’s where the importance of customer self-service with Salesforce lies.

Customers waiting to get an answer from the support team can be frustrating for them at times. Customer support agents use many Service Cloud features to improve customer service but sometimes it’s not possible to attend to all customers right away. This is why it is important to give something that’s readily available to customers. Considering this, more and more businesses are looking to adopt self-service options that could keep customers from long waiting times.

Top Channels to Enable Customer Self-Service with Salesforce 

Self-service options are not just beneficial for customers, but also help businesses to manage work and save time. Among many self-service channels enabled with Salesforce, some have gained a lot of popularity. 

1. Automated Chatbot

No wonder, the chatbot has evolved to be the faster-growing self-service channel for customer support. Even though this method cannot fully eliminate the need of a human for customer service, but it is better than keeping the customer waiting. 

More and more brands are considering Salesforce integration to integrate chatbots with the idea to scale their customer service. Here are some of the major benefits of implementing a chatbot:

All these benefits of chatbot can contribute to uplifting your customer experience.

2. Online Customer Communities

If you want something that would have the most potential to improve your customer service, customer community can be your pick.

Online customer communities can be a great platform for problem-solving and troubleshooting. It can even provide a portal for customers, persuading them to participate in forums to look for immediate resolutions to their issues. 

3. Knowledge Base

Many companies use centralized web-based databases to collect and store information. This information can be searched by customers and even employees when looking for answers to certain questions.

Companies can use a knowledge base that can be both human and machine-readable. Customers can easily self-direct troubleshooting using human-readable knowledge bases. The content in such knowledge bases includes:

On the other hand, the machine-readable knowledge bases tend to have information for automated systems and machine learning. 

Implement Customer Self-Service with Salesforce with Experts

 Customer churn because of insufficient customer service can be a nightmare for any business. Enabling customer self-service with Salesforce using the right channels can avoid such situations, giving your customers the brand experience they seek. That’s how you can cut down your customer waiting time, giving them quick resolution to their issues.

Learn more about how you can enhance your customer service efforts with Salesforce. Contact us and get along with our Salesforce professionals to uncover more ways to improve your brand reputation and increase customer loyalty. 

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