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How can you tell your Business needs Salesforce Customization?

Salesforce implementation has become a tactical business decision. But implementing basic Salesforce CRM might not be the right solution to the unique and complex business problems of organizations. This is where you need to consider Salesforce customization as a preference for your business.

Why Choose Salesforce Customization?

Businesses can consider upgrading their Salesforce platform by customizing it in various situations. Some of these are:

When to Consider Salesforce Customization for your Business?

There can be many signs that you might pick in your business that will be a clear indication that it’s time to move on to Salesforce custom

1. The System not Imitating your Business Processes

Each business is unique and has its specific business requirements. Likely, the standard Salesforce implementation might not be able to match it. For unique business issues, you need a platform tailored to suit your business processes. This is where the idea to go for Salesforce customization can be a great decision for your business.

2. Need to Derive a Single View of Customers

Having distorted information of customers might consume a lot of time of sales team to find relevant information quickly when required. You must have a consolidated view of all customers to get an idea from where you are getting the business. 

Customized Salesforce platform matches your requirements to track activities, from beginning to closing the deal, while managing ongoing client communications. It thus makes it easier for representatives to get a single view of customers anytime they need, improving interactions which can add on to customer retention in the long term,

3. Irregularities in Reports

The appropriate generated reports can help drive good behaviors to increase deal closure and promote sales. Manually preparing reports on Salesforce can leave scope for errors and inconsistency. It will also take a lot of time that might get the potential customer frustrated.

Once a query turns up, the CRM should be able to track the number of times a representative reaches a potential customer by any communication medium. Customizing Salesforce enables tracking all attributes related to customers and communication with them. This ultimately speeds up the reporting processes.

4. Need to Optimize the Platform Usability

While using Salesforce, you might start feeling that its usability becomes an issue for user adoption and retention. Also, when the team members start facing difficulties with Salesforce, the chances are stronger the business may eventually start losing its money. With usability issues in sales teams, the team might end up using additional unnecessary steps that can delay the deal closure.

Salesforce customization optimizes the system to make it pretty easy to use by the teams. It will thus improve the usability, making it easier for the team to understand and work on each functionality in the right way. You can consider hiring Salesforce consulting service for platform adoption to increase usability.

5. Simplifying Salesforce Integration with Other Systems

The efficiency of the team will increase when it can use the data and have the functionality of other applications integrated with Salesforce. This will also ensure a rise in the productivity of the team members and improve operations by speeding up the process to close deals. 

A customized Salesforce platform would make it easier and efficient to integrate the Salesforce platform with other existing systems. For instance, customization can enable the Salesforce systems to work with applications like Google Apps, MailChimp, or HubSpot.

Salesforce Customization to Benefit from the Best CRM Capabilities

While the standard Salesforce functionalities can support businesses to improve processes like sales and marketing, appropriate customizations in Salesforce will allow more efficient use of the CRM. This will help businesses gain more revenue and increase the ROI.

All you need the right team for Salesforce customization that can handle it all for you. If you want to know more or considering customizing your Salesforce, feel free to contact us.

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