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How To Automatically Verify Emails

Use Process Builder!

Let’s create a new Process to verify the email address of a Lead as soon as it is created. Switch to Process Builder by Navigating to Salesforce setup | Quick Find | Process Builder.

1. Create a new Process.

2. Choose the object on which the process builder needs to be implemented Here, Lead is the object.

Note:  Select the option ‘When a Record is created’.

3. Set the criteria according to your requirement. Here for eg,

Field: Email
Operator: is Null
Type: Boolean
Value: False

4. Now, in the immediate action:

  • Select Action Type: Apex
  • Specify an Action name, Here: ‘Verify Email Address’.
  • Select the Apex class ‘Verify Email From Process Builder’.
  • Set Apex Variable as:
  • Field: Email API

a. Field: Email API
Type: String
Value: SuppliedEmail

b. Field: Record ID
Type: Field Reference
Value: [Lead].Id

Here, supplied email is the API name of the field which consists of the email address.

[Lead].Id is the Id of the Record on which the email address is saved.

5. Click on save.


6. Click on Activate to activate the Process Builder.