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360 Lead Conversion App

Productivity Boosting App for Salesforce CRM/Data Rollup App for Salesforce CRM

In Salesforce CRM, “Lead” is a key Standard object that is used to store contact details of potential customers who have not expressed any firm commitment to buy any product/service but are nevertheless interested and may make purchase later. For an organization to expand its customer base and revenue, it is critically important to generate leads. It is equally essential to efficiently convert these leads into customers/clients. Unfortunately, there is no default provision in Salesforce to convert leads in bulk. Each lead has to be manually converted which takes a lot of time and effort.

360 Degree Cloud believes that there should be an easy and reliable means to help user mass convert leads into Standard and/or Custom objects. Our 360 Lead Conversion app allows users to convert the individual Leads into any custom object as per their organization’s requirements, update the custom object records with lead information and convert multiple leads simultaneously.

360 Lead Conversion app helps you to

  • Convert Lead into any custom object or standard object i.e. Account, Contact and Opportunity.
  • Convert Leads in bulk.
  • Update existing records of the custom object with the lead information.

Features of 360 Lead Conversion App

  1. Custom Mapping of Fields to Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities
    • Multiple mapping of Fields

      Mapping of Lead Fields to Standard or Custom fields of Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities.

    • Mapping on the basis of record types

      Mapping of Lead Fields on the basis of Record types of associated Account, Contact and Opportunity.

  2. Convert Leads
    • Single Lead Conversion

      Convert Leads on a one-by-one basis in a customized manner.

    • Bulk Lead Conversion

      Convert multiple Leads at once in a customized manner.

  3. Move the child records as soon as you convert

    Overcome the Salesforce limitation where the related records are lost as soon as we convert the lead. The app provides you the feature to move all the related child records from Lead to Contact, Account and Opportunity.

  4. Update Contact or Account

    Update previously existing Contacts and Accounts with the values of related Leads being converted.

  5. Choose between login user and lead owner as the record owner

    You can select between Login User and Lead Owner to be the owner of the newly created Contact, Account and Opportunity.

  6. Show related Leads or Contacts.

    Show all the Leads as well as Contacts with relevant information in the detailed page of Lead that you are about to convert.

  7. Salesforce Lightning ready

    The app is fully compatible with Salesforce Lightning Experience.

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