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360 Merge Duplicates App

Life becomes a lot smoother when your Salesforce data is devoid of any duplicate records. Presence of duplicates creates doubt and sends a wrong signal about the quality of your data.

360 Degree Merge Duplicates App wipes out unwarranted duplicates, cleanses data, and improves data quality. The app is a Salesforce de-duplication and data management application that enables the users to identify, evaluate and eliminate/merge existing duplicate records in database.

360 Merge Duplicate App was conceived and developed in response to some of the most challenging data related problems faced by Salesforce CRM users including.

Duplicate records in data

Identify and delete duplicates ruining your data in the Salesforce org.

Unable to locate the required data

Search requisite data instantly and create confidence in your data.

No bigger picture

Avail a clear cut glimpse of schedules, precise reporting and improved analytics.

The Ready-to-Use Data Cleansing App

  1. Eliminate old, redundant data

    Do away with unnecessary duplicate records on objects (Lead, Account and Contact) and save on database costs.

  2. Merge duplicate records

    Merge relevant records in real time while preserving important data like prospects, opportunities, attachments, history etc. Relevant merged records would still be available in primary record, chosen by user.

  3. Cleanse import files

    Upload .CSV sheets and check for duplicates and update those that are already present in database.

  4. Control and monitor changes

    Restrict access to app usage with permission based logins and keep tabs on changes being made to data.

  5. Improve data quality

    Scrutinize the vital parameters of your data and take measures to enhance the quality of data.

  6. Delete/Merge records in bulk

    Eliminate/merge data in bulk for large groups of records.

  7. Schedule Deduplication

    Automate deduplication of records to ensure there are duplicate records in your database.

  8. Ease of Use

    Single button to save all three criteria i.e. Search criteria, Criteria to filter records and Criteria for Primary Record by assigning a unique name.

  9. Ease of Use

    Just enable calling and you are good to go. The app starts working immediately.

  10. Multiple Calls

    Make multiple calls one-by-one to your customers in an orderly way to save time and efforts.

  11. Lightning Experience Compatible

    The app is fully compatible with Lightning Experience.

What the users say

360 Merging Duplicate App perfectly fits to my organizational requirements. Merging of contacts is possible by clicking few buttons without wasting much time. The customer support team is ready to serve anytime.

I really like this program, it very effective and very simple and the price is awesome.

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