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New Salesforce Service Cloud Features to Enable Remote Collaboration

service cloud 2

service cloud 2

Salesforce introduced the next generation of Service Cloud 360 that includes improvements in Einstein Bots and Cloud Voice. The new features are added to Service Cloud to walk in parallel to the new reality everyone is living in during the pandemic. Revamped features of Service Cloud center on improving remote collaboration, allowing customer service teams to deliver personalized digital engagement while they work from home. 

Salesforce has enhanced these features to enable customer service representatives to deliver customer experiences and improve engagement. The new features are introduced to help agents close deals faster and modernize contact centers to speed up operations for customer service. Here are these exciting new features added to the Service Cloud:

Considering the new form of working amidst pandemic, Clara Shih, CEO of Service Cloud, said, 

We are on the cusp of a great reopening of society, and companies know they need to move quickly to seize the moment…

While customers and companies alike are eager to return to in-person experiences, digital behaviors we learned and grew accustomed to during the pandemic are here to stay.

All these features on Service Cloud will take digital experiences for customers a long way. It will make it easier for service teams to collaborate and engage with customers despite the distance barriers.

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