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Top 5 Challenges to Salesforce Performance and Load Speed

Slow performance in Salesforce and the slow page loading speed can be frustrating for users and might cause a drain on business resources. Salesforce is a heavyweight in the market, and any problems with the platform can affect thousands of users. There can be many factors that affect the load speed and for any company, …

How to Use Analyze Button to Improve Salesforce Lightning Load Speed?

Salesforce Lightning experience has proved itself as a modern and intelligent user interface. It is a new generation productive user interface that helps sales and support teams to excel in their operations and achieve improved productivity. For sales teams, it works like wonder to close more deals and sell faster.  There are many Salesforce Lightning …

6 Factors That Affect Salesforce Lightning Load Speed

It has been a long time since the Salesforce Lightning Experience has released, and it has proven itself to be more efficient than the Classic version of Salesforce. However, as a client-side base platform, the users are likely to face slow load speed issues while making the transition. Therefore, you might have to put in …

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