Easily Zero-in & Remove Duplicate Data in Salesforce®

It is a well-known fact that a couple of duplicate entries can lead to unmanageable mess and have the potential to throw the system out of gear. However, it is next to impossible to outright prevent identical or repetitive data from creeping in your database. But with Merge Duplicates App in tow, you can heave a sigh of relief and cease to worry about troublesome duplicate records.

Developed by 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, Merge Duplicates App is a Salesforce® deduplication and data quality application. This Salesforce® app for merge duplicate data has been developed to resolve the problem that confronts multitude of organizations – lead, contact and account duplicates. Merge Duplicate App allows authorized users to eradicate duplicate data in their existing database and assists them in integrating relevant client data to make sure that they are always working with the most accurate, up-to-date info. The App also provides an automation feature for the users to set schedules to make sure that their CRM effort is duplicate-free without any human intervention, whatsoever. All this helps users save valuable time by not having to eliminate or merge the duplicates manually by themselves.

Why Merge Duplicates App?

  • Locate duplicate records instantly
  • Merge duplicate records Salesforce®
  • Designed to remove duplicate records on objects (Lead, Account and Contact)
  • Auto-Merge, mass merge, or manually merge duplicate records without losing any important data
  • Merged relevant data still available in the Primary record, chosen by user
  • Single button to save all three criteria viz. Search criteria, Criteria to filter records and Criteria for Primary Record by assigning a unique name!
  • Superior customer service and support