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Work.com is a corporate and social performance management platform with a user interface that helps companies to motivate,drive and agility of the performance. It is an all new set of services platform to manage and thrive for better tomorrow. 

The way we work has changed by different social media applications and also have transformed the way we connect and share information and companies managed by slow moving workplace and difficult reviews for the products which make the employees feel that they have been disconnected from the effective workplace. As skills are  more and more aligning, motivating and retaining people within an enterprise is something all business professionals need to focus on for future focus.

Now,in order to make the things effective and agile for employees and corporates, salesforce teams have launched one such platform called “Work.com” which empowers teams to work better together by delivering the tools of 

what they need to stay/get aligned,motivated and also integrate them with the systems where people work.

It targets employee engagement in three areas with a watch word of alignment,motivation,performance like:

  1. Alignment of team,personal goals along with business goals.
  2. Motivation through public recognition.
  3. Real-time performance feedback.

Representatives can see the employees goals, feedback or recognize the work from the Sales Cloud opportunity record. With work.com representatives can onboard new representatives effectively and improve the productivity of their respective teams.

Service teams can help in absenteeism data and improve productivity,customer satisfaction and marketers can track progress of the campaigns and interact more effectively with sales. It takes care of the aspect that employee social profiles should reflect their expertise, their goals and performance inside the chatter and to build their reputation.

Recognizing with Amazon Rewards and Partnership with workday:


Partnership with workday:

Workday enables integration between Workday HCM and Work.com. Workday HCM will deliver worker data which includes and gives organizational relationships into the Work.com performance management layer, helps employees manage performance by social goals and feedback continuously. 

Recognizing with Amazon rewards:

Work.com gives Amazon gift cards directly to the employees to reward for their great performance. Points which are awarded by managers and colleagues are collected by recipients and they can collect the redeemed points from an online marketplace.

Main features of work.com:
  1. Defining and tracking the work.
  2. Real time coaching.
  3. Real time feedback.
  4. Visualize and change performance data.
  5. Create and give thanks badges.
  6. Giving rewards by badges or points.
  7. Emergency response management/crisis management.
  8. Reskilling of workforce.
  9. Workplace command center.
  10.  Contact tracing.

Real-time feedback and recognition are essential elements in improving the productivity of the sales and sales representatives to help in the  growth of the business so work.com is such platform which empowers teams to work better together by delivering the tools of what they need to stay/get aligned,motivated and also integrating them with the systems in work place.Many companies/organizations work better and perform well by improving the work and making it an asset.