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Grow your accounts, zoom-in on new clients, and clinch deals faster - from any location.

360 Degree Cloud unleashes the power of Salesforce automation to a whole new level, with wide variety of cloud-enabled tools to assist sales rep score more wins, enhance efficiency, and maintain a steady flow of solid leads. Bid goodbye to the era of software and hardware.

  • 43% Lead Conversion
  • 44% Sales Productivity
  • 37% Revenue

  1. Seal more deals

    Monitor all the information and interactions related to customers anywhere anytime

  2. Jet set productivity

    Incorporate automation in business processes to bring in more productivity

  3. Intelligent decision making

    Prioritize and make intuitive decisions on the basis of most relevant and latest information

  4. Garner more leads

    Avail your own "lead generator" to enhance conversion rates and bolster revenue

Give your customers world-class service they deserve. Anytime. Anywhere.

Every customer is a unique individual with particular needs. 360 Degree Cloud leverages the power of world`s #1 customer service solution help you deliver great customer service on any channel of choice, be it popular social-media platforms to SMS and more.

  1. Windup cases quickly

    Keep customers happy and save money with timely closure of cases

  2. Deliver smarter self-service

    Provide customers the solutions they require anytime

  3. Personalize customer care

    Provide customized care to every customer with unique needs

  4. Deliver support everywhere.

    Dispense exceptional service to customers on their preferred channel

Build immersive marketing experiences that reflect customer preferences and needs.

Take the customer interaction to the highest level- by offering customized, cross channel customer journeys that deliver impressive brand experiences across email, social media, web and more.

  1. Customize email marketing efforts

    Deploy Salesforce data to create campaigns from simple email marketing to refined 1-to-1 messages

  2. Create cross-channel journeys

    Build 1-to-1 customer journeys across email, cellphones, social media, advertisements, and the internet

  3. Predict the right content on the web.

    Monitoring visitor behavior pattern, dispense customized content, and send emails in real time to enhance conversions, click rates, and order values

  4. Guide exceptional social experiences.

    Link social media presence with marketing, sales, and service through social media marketing tools. Gather data from multiple sources and automate social workflow

Get all your customers, partners, and employees at one place....Virtually

Connect and collaborate with customers, partners, and employees to forge robust customer relationships to help them interact with each other, give feedback, and even share their enthusiasm in the community.

  1. Built-to-suit communities

    Create a community to connect and collaborate with clients, contacts and employees

  2. Deliver impressive customer service.

    Assist customers to help themselves and each other with online community software

  3. Connect your customers.

    Customer Community to help customers engage each other

  4. Drive employee productivity.

    Harness the power of our online collaboration software to create social, mobile, and branded Employee Communities. Enabling employees to find the information they need keeps them engaged and productive

On the lookout for a service that`s future ready?

With Analytics Cloud, get to the bottom of any database, avail spot on answers, and brainstorm with your team members via any device, from anywhere. All this at unmatchable speeds that no other analytics solution can rival.

  1. Prompt action

    Wave Analytics makes it easy to act on data. Assign a sales task, finish service case, or brainstorm with important stakeholders within seconds.

  2. Work from any device

    Wave Analytics assist users to slice and analyze data from any smart device of their choice.

  3. Get Contextual Solutions

    Unleash the full power of Salesforce data and find relevant solutions that lead to smarter deals and client contentment

  4. Get smarter and more connected.

    Link your CRM data and analyze relevant information to figure out trends and essential performance metrics.

Non-profit organizations have to constantly realign their forces around the two existential elements of their business- their stated mission and their supporter base. The mantra behind the success of certain NPOs lies in their ability to utilize the available technologies to cut down on unnecessary costs that hinder the chances of their mission`s success.

360 Degree Cloud assists NPOs leverage the best of Salesforce for Non-Profits and accomplish the following:

  • Get a holistic view of donors, supporters, patrons, clients and other relevant individuals in a single frame- from donation history, support history, scheduled events, to other objectives and issues.
  • Complete purview of donation cycle from commitment to actual payment.
  • Standardization of fundraising and donation procedures, easily evaluate scheduled donations, effective task automation etc.
  • Use Salesforce to recruit, monitor and mentor volunteers for various events and functions, in order to focus more on mission goals.
  • Deliver a community-powered interaction experience across social media portals to garner more footfall, engagement, along with improved visibility of programs.

360 Degree Cloud believes that for a business to succeed in its domain of expertise it must possess a defining edge over its competitors. The league apart status can be only achieved if an organization incorporates the best of available technology and applications to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their teams and work processes. The team of Salesforce experts at 360 Degree Cloud strive provide you with just that besides all the necessary assistance to help you achieve your goals.

Our team of professionals have the requisite expertise of complete Salesforce1 App development and integration cycle. We have created several customs apps from scratch for our clients to satisfy their unique requirements that could not be met either natively or via available apps listed on AppExchange. With our innovative strategies and custom app development effort, we enable our clients stretch the "functionality envelope" of their Sales Cloud and/or Service Cloud.

With 360 Degree Cloud by your side, you will witness ramped up productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction levels. Allow us to manage all the peripheral work while you stay focused on your core competencies.

Your business deserves the best consulting

The ability to spell out an effective plan to resolve some of the most challenging problems of clients in a short span of time is what sets a business consultant apart. At, 360 Degree Cloud, we propose and execute multi-pronged strategies centered on Salesforce CRM that take the clients to the pole position in their respective sectors/industries.

To this end, we bring to table a wide array of services and skills, from technological and business perspectives, required to bring about a complete transformation of your business.

Salesforce Consulting

360 Degree Cloud Technologies offers exceptional Salesforce consulting that assists a business march towards market leadership and revenue generation. We provide some of the following Salesforce Consulting services:

  • Identification of problems plaguing productivity and suggesting best remedial mechanism to resolve those issues
  • Recommending the most suitable Salesforce edition for your business
  • Deployment of Agile methodology to ensure iterative approach to projects
  • Incorporation of Analytics to measure ROI

Systems Integration

360 Degree Cloud offers Salesforce integration with websites and other notable third party systems like:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Highrise
  • Awebber
  • Exact Target
  • Twilio
  • Quickbooks

  • Mailchimp
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Silverpop
  • WordPress
  • Pardot
  • Hubspot


360 Degree Cloud is one of the most reliable static website development company. Our specialist team is involved in creating successful static websites for the clients. We provide unique and out-of-the-box static website solutions to our clients. 360 Degree Cloud offers tailor made layouts at affordable price. Other benefits include:

  • Design adheres to search engines.
  • Simple Navigation
  • User friendly interface.
  • Superb Quality.
  • Excellent Images

Our proficient and time tested professionals are up-to-date with the current industry trends to deliver top notch results. If you have an idea for creating an e-Commerce portal, 360 Degree Cloud is the launchpad to skyrocket your dream project.

We offer customized solutions to meet the varied needs of the clients. The Custom Website solutions offered by 360 Degree Cloud include Customized Software Development, ERP solutions, CRM Solutions, Project Management Systems, solutions for Inventory, Sales, Purchase and Payroll etc. You can depend on us to cater to all your unique and individual IT-related requirements.


360 Degree Cloud offers comprehensive mobile app solutions, by creating from scratch customized mobile and tablet apps that cater to individual specifications of each brand and business.

360 Degree Cloud helps clients understand end-user behaviour, undertake competitive analysis, craft UI design & architecture and accomplish various other stages of software development life cycle.

Our dedicated team of professionals create high-end mobile apps, which include features like

  • Eye-catching design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Linking app with main website for automatic updates
  • Reliable look & feel as per main website
  • Minimal loading time
  • Database Driven Content
  • Functional and ergonomic design
  • Compatibility with major smartphone brands

We deliberate with our clients and involve them in every phase of the app development.

We offer mobile apps that are compatible with almost all major smartphone brands and platforms. We work on different mobile platforms such as:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • HTML5
  • Windows
  • Latest development practices like HTML 5, CSS 3, Jquery
  • Compatibility with multiple mobile browsers