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Frequently Asked Questions

  • SMS received from unknown numbers do not show up in the widget in the left side, only in the SMS history.
  • The messages received from unknown numbers show up only in the sidebar of the User termed as “App Owner” which could be identified in SMS setup –> General Settings. He is the user who installed the app. (System admin in most cases)

  • Add 1 single emoji that single emoji will count as 70 character? meaning, 2 emojis will be 140 characters already?
  • An emoji is a UNICODE character, It takes up 2 characters. But, if any UNICODE character is included in the message. The segment size of each message reduces to 70 from 160.

  • How do we go about forwarding the SMS to the virtual numbers you provided to our actual office number?
  • Navigate to SMS Setup -> User Config and Assign your number “Auto forward Mobile” number to the corresponding user. This would forward the incoming SMS to that particular number as well.

  • The SMS received with unknown number should be showing in the inbox of the number they were sent to (not showing only for an “SMS 360 admin” user)
  • The messages received from unknown numbers show up only in the sidebar of the User termed as “App Owner” which could be identified in SMS setup –> General Settings. He is the user who installed the app. (System admin in most cases)

  • An incoming SMS broken into 2 parts: it doesn’t look long however, any idea what happened? Is there a threshold specific to SMS360 / your provider?
  • The service provider allows only upto 160 characters in an SMS. So, when an SMS having more than 160 characters is received, it gets divided into 2 parts and the number of parts increase as the number of characters increase. Whereas, if the message consists of GSM characters. Each message segment would be of 70 characters.

  • Also do you support call forwarding, so if someone calls that number the call can be forwarded
  • call forwarding could be provided. Just provide us with the number where you want to forward all the incoming calls of your virtual number to. And we would set it up for you.

  • Also does your system allow for showing a landline phone as the texts are coming from? If so does that count as an additional charge for that line
  • It is feasible by Hosting the SMS facility of the Landline number in to our system, provided the Landline number has SMS enabled and the complete process takes about 2 weeks. Charges are case-wise so please get in touch with our Support to know more.

  • Works with local and international format numbers?
  • Yes it does. You could send SMS locally as well as internationally.

  • Users can reply to the number they receive the sms from?
  • Yes. There are 2 ways to achieve the same. 1. Reply directly from sidebar 2. Click on the contact name mentioned in the sidebar. The contact detail page would open. Click on Send SMS button and send a reply to that particular contact Secondly, if incoming is received from an unknown number. You will have to reply from the sidebar itself.

  • Creating case for all incoming SMS?
  • Just include the keyword “initiate case” in the incoming message and it would automatically create a case as soon as the message arrives. This keyword can be changed from ‘SMS Setup’ –> ‘General Settings’ –> ‘Case keywords’

  • Workflows for replies we receive?
  • Workflows could be created on the SMS History object for all the incoming SMS and any automated action could be done on the incoming sms.

  • if one org got two numbers, is it possible to select phone number to send certain sms though Process Builder?
  • Yes, Suppose you are creating the automation process on Lead. The formula would be then, [Lead].Id+’,MobilePhone,000000000,9999999999′ here, Mobile phone is the api name of the field corresponding to which the number is saved, 000000000000 is the template id for object lead and 9999999999 is the number that you wish to choose to send the sms from

  • Is there a way to mass delete scheduled text messages? If I make a mistake it seems that I have to go through the list and delete each one individually.
  • Currently, mass delete on scheduled sms is not present. But, a workaround is that a custom button be created for List view of ‘Scheduled SMS’. We have a guide available which consists of the code and the steps to achieve the same.

  • How can we Unread a message if I clicked the Read message by mistake?
  • Two ways to do that: 1. Go to SMS History -> Click on ‘Incoming’ list View -> Identify your message-> unmark the ‘Read?’ checkbox 2. Open the Contact Detail Page corresponding to which you saw the incoming -> Go to the ‘SMS History’ related list -> Click on the most recent sms with ‘SMS Type’ equal to Incoming -> Click on Edit -> uncheck the ‘Read? ‘ checkbox

  • What happened if someone calls on the Virtual Number. Can you forward that to my number or Play a Voice Message?
  • If someone calls the Virtual Number, they would be greeted with a generic voicemail. But in case your requirement asks for the same to be altered as per your liking then you can put a special request to our Support to either forward the call to an automated voice machine or another phone number of yours.

  • When does a message comes in Sidebar?
  • The message gets listed in the sidebar for the logged-in user as soon as it is received from the client till the time it is not read by the user.

  • Why don’t I see Sidebar?
  • Because it is not added to your ‘Home Page Layout’. Go to setup -> Home page Layout -> Click on EDIT corresponding to your current layout -> Mark the ‘incoming’ checkbox -> arrange it on Left -> Click on save

  • Can I send message from any number?
  • You could choose which number you want to send the message from. Either while sending the SMS Manually or automatically while using process builders.

  • Is this app for user or whole company?
  • Both, you can allot the same Virtual number to any number of users in
    your company or you can choose to buy separate numbers for different users.
    The App is only chargeable on per Org-installation basis.

  • Will it work on Case Object?
  • Yes. Just Map the phone API fields of Case object fron ‘SMS Setup’ –> Object SETUP. Now, Create a custom javascript button namely ‘Send SMS’ using the guide provided on Case object. The phone number would be fetched from the ‘Web Phone’ field. And messages could be sent from Case object.

  • My Phone Number is in Text Field, Will the App Work.
  • Yes. While setting up the object config. Just include that field in the ‘Phone API’ and it would be available for use.

  • I want whenever a record is create automatically message should go out.
  • This is one of the one features of the app to send automated SMS. A process builder will be created on that object to automatically send SMS. Refer automated SMS guide

  • Can i send the message to other countries than US?
  • yes. But there would be additional cost.

  • Can I buy number of other countries?
  • Yes, multiple virtual numbers can be bought by getting in touch with Support. Please note that the Pricing will change accordingly as per the chosen country.

  • I installed the App but Incoming is not working?
  • Go to ‘SMS Setup’ page. –> Navigate to ‘org Config’ –> Click on ‘Incoming Setup’ button. The same would enable incoming for your org.

  • I am not able to send the message?
  • Go through the following checks: 1. Navigate to SMS setup -> Org settings -> Check whether you have been allotted a number. If not, Click on ‘Outgoing Setup’ button and get your new number. 2. Number must be assigned to users of your org . Go to SMS Setup -> User settings and assign your virtually allotted number to the Users.

  • What are your charges?
  • Charges depends on numerous factors like nature of SMS content, number
    of characters/segments, country SMS is sent to, volume of messaging, etc
    Please get in touch with our Support to know the exact figures in more
    details, relevant in your particular case.

  • How many clients are using the App?
  • We have lot of clients using the App successfully from all sorts of
    industry like NPOs, Marketing, Transport, Healthcare, Education etc.

  • Is this better than sending Mass Emails?
  • Yes, as Email Delivery depends on the availability of internet
    connectivity while SMS donot. In certain cases, it can even compliment the
    emails as a preferred form of sending reminders or additional real-time

  • How do we stop Spamming?
  • Contact and we would stop the incoming messages.

  • How many messages I can send in a day?
  • There is no theoretical limit of how many messages can be sent in one
    day, but the actual deliverability of all traffic depends on numerous
    factors dependent on chosen service provider.

  • What are the charges of Auto Forward?
  • There are no charges for autoforwarding an incoming text to an email of
    your choice, but autoforwarding to another phone will be charged at normal
    rate for sending SMS prevalent in your particular case and nature of SMS
    content (GSM/non-GSM).

  • How do I know if an incoming message came?
  • An alert could be seen in the sidebar. Also, In the SMS History, click on Incoming list view and the most recent incoming messages could be seen there as well.

  • Can I send messages from my phone?
  • Yes, you can send SMS from your mobiles using the Salesforce’s
    SF1 App.

  • Is this Lightning compatible?
  • Yes

  • Which edition the same requires to work?
  • In all editions except group edition

  • My requirement is : If my message body contains the keyword ‘Google’ , the keyword should be a link and it should link directly wo So how to achieve that?
  • Unfortunately, at this time you can only have a direct link i.e. You can not have alternate text that is displayed for the link.

  • What is the limit of characters that would show up in the sidebar ? What if a really long message is received? Would the sidebar show the entire mesage there despite of its length?
  • There is a limit of 1000 characters both on incoming as well as outgoing messages. The sidebar shows the recent 4 messages and they could consist upto 1000 characters each.

  • What happens when i send an sms with more than 1000 characters?
  • The first 1000 characters would be sent.

  • what happens when i receive an sms with more than 1000 characters?
  • The first 1000 characters would be received.

  • How can I send the message?
  • Click on Send SMS Button on the detail page of a Record, Or send Bulk sms from list view of an object or Campaigns.

  • How many messages can I send at a time?
  • You could send upto 40,000 messages from campaigns at once.

  • How long should be the message length?
  • It could be upto 1000 characters. But without Unicode characters a single message segment would be of 160 characters and with UNICODE characters 1 message segment would be of 70 characters.

  • How can I configure the app?
  • Just install the app from app exchange and refer to the user guide for complete steps.

  • Can I edit the message already sent?
  • You can edit the message in your system by just adding the ‘Edit’ button on the “Incoming” page layout of “SMS History”. But that would be only for your record. You will have to send the message again in case you wish to send an edited messages as messages once sent cannot be reverted back.

  • In what all languages can I send the messages?
  • In any language but pricing may differ depending whether it is a non GSM or GSM character set.

  • How many messages can I send in a day?
  • There is no limit on the number of SMS that could be sent in a day.

  • What are the different sms packs/subscription plans and their validity?
  • The apps validity is for 1 year. But, quarterly subscriptions are also available. The apps needs to be renewed after the subscribed pack.

  • Is there any automated reminder facility in the app?
  • No. But alerts corresponding to each incoming message could be seen in the sidebar widget.

  • How to check message history?
    1. Go to SMS History tab and check all the incoming/outgoing messages.
    2. To check SMS history of a particular record. Go the the detail page of a record and View the “SMS History” related list corresponding to that particular record.
  • Can I attach images to my messages, if yes then how many?
  • Yes , You can send the Images and documents using MMS service (if available) . Kindly ask for the MMS package.

  • What kind of network does SMS App supports?
  • Its available for all the network providers in every country.

  • Does the app insures safety of information?
  • Yes we follow data security protocols and we sign NDA’s with interested clients.

  • How to check whether message is delivered or not ?
  • There is a checkbox called ‘Delivered’ which specifies whether the SMS is delivered or not. It is present corresponding to every SMS History record.

  • What are the charges for incoming and outgoing messages?
  • Incoming text messages are free whereas, outgoing charges varies country to country.

  • Can I send/receive message to/from different countries from same number?
  • Yes. You can send/receive messages from any country. But, while sending the message to a foreign country we nee to prefix the country code.

  • Can I use the remaining credits in next bill cycle?
  • Yes. If you renew the app after an year, your balance would be forwarede as the balance never expires.

  • Is there any pop-up facility?
  • The sidebar widget shows incoming messages as alerts whenever a new message arrives.

  • Can I send message to land line number?
  • Only if it”s SMS facility is enabled.

  • Do you offer free trial of 360 SMS App?
  • Yes. 7 days free trial and message limit is 100.

  • How can I create new message template?
  • Click on ‘SMS Templates’ tab. Give your template a name and choose an object on which the template would be used, Choose additional merge fields and copy their code in the message body as per your requirements. Further, click on save.

  • How can I see usage of SMS Pack ?
  • Its in the Pipeline. We would be providing a counter soon.

  • Can I use my number to send SMS?
  • You will be allotted a virtual number which would be a local number of your area, consisting of the same area code. But, you could use your own number for auto – forwarding as the messages received into your org would be aut- forwarded to your own number as well. And you could directly reply to your clients from the client’s number mentioned in the message body.

  • What are the billing terms?
  • We charge the app yearly. You just subscribe for the app on a yearly basis.

  • Can one number be used by multiple users?
  • Yes. A single number could be shared with multiple users of the org.

  • How can I check my SMS logs?
  • Navigate to ‘SMS Setup’ –> SMS History and filter your SMS logs according to the List views availabe. You could either choose from All, Incoming or Outgoing messages.

  • How to resolve the error =”Please check your Account’s Settings and Permissions !” when sending a message
  • This error is displayed when you are trying to send an SMS to another country without prefixing the country code. Prefix the country code and you would be able to send the SMS now.

  • What is auto forward mobile ?
  • Auto Forward Mobile is the number where all the incoming messages could be auto- forwarded. This number could be any real number. for eg. The client’s own number.

  • Can I use all users mobile no.? they can receive their client sms?
  • Yes. The message after coming into the org would be forwarded on their mobile numbers as well. Also, in the message body, The sender’s number would be specified so you could contact them directly from there as well. Please note that since incoming is free but the forwarded messages would serve as outgoing for the org. Hence, they would be accordingly charged.

  • What is auto forward email?
  • This is a free service. Auto Forward Email is the email address where all the incoming messages could be auto- forwarded in the form of an email. The email address would contain the sender number, the link to the salesforce record from which this message was received, and the body of the text message received.

  • What is email alert to Owner?
  • Email is sent to thr owner of the record i.e. user who sends out the message will get the incoming and also email to his/her email . In case of unknown incoming ,message owner will be the default owner set through the SMS Setup -> User Config.

  • SMS Segment counting on all UI – ???
  • Messages are charged on the basis of message segments they possess. For eg. a message of 160 characters creates 1 segment. Now, while sending SMS. The same message segment could be seen just below the text box where message body is typed as well as while creating the sms templates.

  • Cancel schedule JOB Option – it means cancel schedule, is it correct?
  • Exactly. It is for cancelling single/multiple scheduled jobs at once.

  • Process builder support for Event Object – Please explain?
  • This feature is for Professional Edition where Apex classes are not directly accessible. Using the same SMS could be sent automatically from Process Builder using any object(Other than Even object as well).

  • When you send a message to mobile number and further receive a reply as ‘Stop’ or ‘uns’. That would automatically check the ‘opt -out’ checkbox present on that record. Hence, next time you try to send a message to the same mobile number. No message would be sent and you will receive an error message. Further, by replying with the keywords ‘start’ or ‘subs’. The mobile number could again opt -in. Please note that the unsubscribe and subscribe keywords are editable and could be modified under ‘General Settings’ of ‘SMS Setup’ tab.

  • Yes there is a checkbox namely ‘opt-out’. If it is marked as checked, means the person has unsubscribed. Also, to resubscribed, as mentioned above, If the person replies with the re-subscribe keywords like ‘Start’ , he ‘Opt-out’ checkbox would automatically become unchecked and you would be able to send him messages.

  • Does your app allow for my company to create a short code for someone that is not in our Salesforce? For instance, when we are running a promotion on the radio, are listeners able to “opt in” when they hear our short code followed by the promo code?
  • Yes, we could provide you a short code. And this “opt-in” feature, that you are referring to is one of the most user friendly functionality of the 360 SMS App. When your listeners send you a Text Message with the promo-code. You could create a Lead or a Case in your Salesforce automatically with 0 efforts. A dedicated short code would be the best thing you could go for!

  • Are we able to use various promo codes? Is there additional cost to that? How easy are they to obtain?
  • Yes, you can get your own promo code (short code keyword). You just need to purchase a short code keyword. If you purchase a dedicated short code, there would be no additional cost included. If you use a shared short code that is being used by multiple people, there would be additional cost involved.

  • Is there a capacity limit 360 SMS can handle? For instance, we have 160,000 members, are we able to send all of them a text at once?
  • You can send up to 40,000 messages at once using Campaigns. So now, just create 4 Campaigns, divide your 1,60,000 members in those campaigns and send out the messages. Your messages would be sent at a rate of 200 messages per/sec. So in no time, you could send messages to over 1,60,oo members or even more. But this whole concept changes when you use long codes as this is valid only for short codes.