360 SMS App

SMS App Exchange For Salesforce®

The world economy is driven by communication. Organizations rely on constant communication to run their businesses, generate revenues and propel growth. It is quintessential to plug communication gap with business contacts and clients. Undoubtedly, one of the most common mode of communication for businesses around the world is SMS. This mode of communication has become important for business players who intend to relay their business message via bulk SMS to prospective clients (This is undeniably important to create a traction in their minds!)

The power to send SMS from Salesforce® can be further amplified with 360 SMS App. Developed by 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, this app, available on Salesforce® App-exchange, allows users to communicate effectively with their clients, employees and prospects via SMS. 360 SMS App for Salesforce® is an extremely simple yet effective way to remain in touch with people associated with your business. With this app, the user can send SMS to lead, contact or for that matter any custom object.

This app lets the user send text message from Salesforce®, be it single or bulk, to specific individuals. Moreover, with this app the user is empowered to send both text and email templates to concerned people. The log of incoming and outgoing messages is continually maintained and updated with Salesforce®. An additional functionality of automatically forwarding call to the cell phone number is provided. It also enables you to easily track SMS credits.

The 360 SMS app is the best SMS app for Salesforce® and has been developed keeping in mind its intended use at the hands of users who may not be technically competent to install and use it. Nevertheless, its easy user interface combined with free Support from 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, necessitates fewer efforts towards installation and use.