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Still Using Classic Version? It’s Time to Switch to Salesforce Lightning

new feature of Salesforce lightning
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Lightning Version is the modern user interface supported by Salesforce. It allows your sales reps to make sales faster and your service reps to support your customers in an efficient way. It includes some brand new features apart from the redesigned user interface. Most of the people using the Classic version of Salesforce have now switched to the Lightning one for a better experience. It focuses on reinventing your desktop environment to help your employees work in a better, faster and efficient manner. It makes your business process more productive than ever before. Moving to Salesforce Lightning at the present moment would be a smarter move as Salesforce will be shutting down the Classic version in no time soon, and then you would be left with no option.

Apart from that, Lightning Version provides you with many other features. Apart from being the most preferred CRM platform, Salesforce helps you to focus on your customers in the best way possible. It is a vast platform supporting apps, services, etc. As we all know that “Change is inevitable” but not all changes are bad, some are for the betterment as well. It is primarily built keeping customer satisfaction at its center. Salesforce is always trying to come up with better things to make its users experience a user-friendly environment. It is making all efforts to make its platform develop something better every new day.

List of a Few New Features by Salesforce Lightning:

There is a number of new features that it offers to its customers but the following mentioned points just offer insight for the same:

It enables you to get comfortable with its user-friendly interface so that you can carry out your business activities, deals and other works with ease. Switching to the Lightning Interface is the need of the hour as it is really important for any organization to stay ahead of its rivals in the competitive market. It compels you to drive more sales, ensure greater customer satisfaction and better communication with your new or existing customers. Whether it is a big or medium-sized organization, every organization needs a CRM platform to work with in order to work efficiently and in an improved manner.

Salesforce Lightning is not just about speed and looks, but it is more popular because of the new features it had been added with. Along with customizable dashboards, now you can go for a stage-based interface for your opportunities. Its new UI is slicker, faster and better. You can operate it easily through your desktop, laptop or even your mobile device. The modern approach allows the components to respond more quickly. With a number of new features, modern and user-friendly interface, more responsive architecture, it is definitely an exciting and powerful UI from Salesforce.

People using Salesforce for managing their cloud-based work were already a fan of its Classic version but undoubtedly, the Lightning version has clearly more fans and that’s because of the obvious reasons. It has been made keeping mobile phones in the mind so that the user can access it with ease at any time from anywhere. It is highly smart, intelligent and user-friendly which becomes a necessity when it comes to multi-tasking. Try it out today and check whether it is compatible with your org or not. With the help of the same, you can just sit around and multi-task like a boss which would not have been possible earlier!

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