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Surefire Ways to Supercharge Your Digital Sales Team

Supercharge Your Digital Sales Team

If you are a sales rep, there’d definitely be a time when you would have wished if you could just listen to every call, without having to actually listen to every call. That’s something artificial intelligence makes easy. There’s a lot that AI capabilities in Salesforce allow you to do to supercharge your digital sales team and make their tasks easier. 

Whether it is conversational intelligence or machine learning algorithm, the sales team always keeps on looking for digital methods that could make their work easier. 

The team always needs to be aware of various aspects like how customers are responding to pricing or how the competitors are doing. Thus, the reps need a better understanding of what’s going on, and Salesforce can help them a lot in this. 

Ways to Supercharge Your Digital Sales Team

We know everything that goes on in the mind of a sales representative. So, we’ve listed some of the most powerful ways a sales rep can leverage the AI capabilities of Salesforce to improve productivity. 

1. Track Your Competitors

To make sure you are handling your objectives carefully, you have to be sure that you are aware of what your competitors are offering. Sales reps and sales ops leaders can use AI to track what the competitors are up to and gain insights related to their products, pricing, and promotions. 

Tracking your competitors will make you aware of how your company is falling off the map, so you can make necessary improvements to grow more than your competitors. 

2. Monitor Trends

For efficient sales, you have to make sure that you’re always on top of trends. You should have an understanding of what products customers are asking about in the current market. 

Many companies these days are using Sales Cloud’s Einstein Call Coaching which uses AI to learn about everything that’s going on in customer calls. 

3. Boost Call Reviews

When sales leaders listen to call recordings with customers to discover where reps might need improvement or if they deserve appreciation is referred to as call reviews. Key performance metrics like conversions aren’t the complete way to evaluate reps. These call reviews play a major role in it. 

AI can make the call review process faster by focusing on the right calls and keywords to follow, thus making sales leaders know the performance of sales reps. 

4. Help Sales Reps Avoid Mistakes

All of us make mistakes, but a mistake made by a sales rep can cause a huge loss to the company. For sales reps, not making any mistake might look overpromising. That’s where AI-powered Einstein would help them track common pitfalls, immediately notifying sales leaders when they come up in conversation. 

This approach helps to fix the situation instantly if anything goes wrong in a conversation with the customer.

Salesforce Certified Experts to Supercharge Your Digital Sales Team

It’s the sales that make an actual difference in the numbers for a business. Even a little mistake can cost a lot to the business. That’s why it’s time for your sales team to go digital and leverage Salesforce which utilizes AI to boost productivity and maintain accuracy. 

Even better, you can get the Salesforce Sales Cloud implemented by our certified Salesforce developers to improve sales charts.

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