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360 Verify the Email App

Secure email marketing success of your business

  1. About the App

    Email Bouncing is everybody’s nightmare. Nobody wants to be at its receiving end. 360 Verify the Email App helps the users verify the email addresses before the emails are out. With the 360 VTM App, you will be able to determine if the email address you are sending to are safe or not.

    360 Verify the Email App enables the users to eliminate up to 95% of bad email addresses to improve deliverability, avoid high bounce rates and blacklisting, and safeguard your valuable sender reputation.

  2. Benefits of 360 Verify The Email App
    1. Improve sales: Enhance sales with clean and up-to-date prospect contact data.
    2. Real Time verification: Offer instant verification of all your records.
    3. Bulk Validation: Batch process enables validation of bulk data saving a lot of your time.
    4. Error Identification: Formatting and Syntax errors are identified for wrong email addresses.
    5. Domain verification: Verifies existence of domain and ensures delivery of emails.
    6. Better Data Quality: :is enhanced and we have a prefix of an email address.
    7. Expand Geographical footprint: Expand your overseas sales territory by verifying email addresses.
    8. Better Opportunities:More validated email addresses implies greater number of prospects.
    9. Cost Effective: Save precious time and money by validating important email addresses.
    10. 24/7 Support: Round the clock superior customer service.

What the users say

360 Verify the email is fast and reliable! Their customer support staff is very quick to reply and assist you with any of your needs or questions. whether you need to mass verify or automatically verify this app is for you!

360 Verify the Email App has become the essential tool for our organization as it instantly identifies whether an email address is valid or invalid leading to more deliverability of emails to clients. The customer support team is quick to fix issues.

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