Website Design and Development Services


1. Static Website Development
Static websites are basically simple HTML websites with fixed (or “static”) information and graphics. In spite of their monotonous appearance, static websites are super-efficient, extremely effective and usually free to host. Static websites are stylish and fun. Moreover, flexibility is the main forte of a static site. A static website gives you the liberty of conferring a different look to every page if desired. And obviously when it comes to cost, scales tilt in the favour of static website over dynamic website which are generally expensive.
360 Degree Cloud is one of the most reliable static website development companies. Our specialist team is involved in creating successful static websites for the clients. We are known for providing unique and out-of-the-box static website solutions to our clients.

360 Degree Cloud offers tailor made layouts at affordable price. Other benefits include:

  • Design adheres to search engines
  • Simple Navigation
  • User friendly interface
  • Excellent Images

2. E-Commerce
Today, eCommerce web development has become a necessity to drive greater traffic and sales volume. We, at 360 Degree Cloud, offer effective and power-packed eCommerce solutions for Small and Medium level Enterprises (SMEs). Our proficient and experienced professionals are up-to-date with the current industry trends to deliver top notch results. With years of experience behind their back, our ace developers create tailor-made and user specific e-commerce solutions to effectively boost the brand image of the clients. All this propels their online sales which ultimately leads to tremendous success for them. If you have an idea for creating an e-Commerce portal, 360 Degree Cloud is the launchpad to skyrocket your dream project.

3. Blog Sites
At 360 Degree Cloud, we offer wide range of Content Management System (CMS) development and customization services like Joomla and WordPress for excellent quality websites. Our team goes through all the stages of Software Development process right from designing the software to prototyping to development, implementation and maintenance.
Our professional staff is adept at developing the most suitable and affordable CMS solutions for your company. The CMS solutions developed by our team are innovative and ensure stability in maintenance and management of web content and enterprise content.

4. Custom Websites
360 Degree Cloud offers customized solutions to meet the varied needs of the clients. The Custom Website solutions offered by 360 Degree Cloud include Customized Software Development, ERP solutions, CRM Solutions, Project Management Systems, solutions for Inventory, Sales, Purchase and Payroll etc. You can depend on us to cater to all your unique and individual IT-related requirements. Our dedicated and seasoned team of web designers, developers and experts deploy the latest technology and innovative tools to ensure that you get maximum ROI.


360 Degree Cloud is one of the most prominent Web Design Companies in India that offer outstanding web design services to clients. The company provides impeccable Website Designing, Re-designing and Maintenance services to the clients.
We facelift that they need and helping them attract as well as retain online traffic. Our clients of web designing all across the world have benefited from increased web traffic and improved brand image.
Our talented pool of website designers and developers gives every website designing project its best shot and strives to raise the excellence bar as higher as possible.
As the leading company for web design, we are of the belief that every business deserves to get the best possible website designing services at affordable rates. And that is the reason why we offer the most affordable website designing packages. All these attributes make us the best choice for prospective clients when it comes to website designing in India or anywhere else in the world.


360 Degree Cloud has a rich history of being at the forefront of UI/UX technologies. We, at 360 Degree Cloud, offer full spectrum of UI/UX design solutions for Web/Desktop/Mobile platforms such as Angular JS and HTML5/CSS3. We provide custom built User Interface/User Experience solutions which are interactive, stimulating and easy to comprehend.
Our quality UI/UX Design solutions are designed to satisfy the demanding requirements of business / product users. User interface design is the main component of web experience. And perhaps that is the reason why we communicate with our clients frequently to ensure that we are delivering services that meet, if not exceed, their requirements and expectations.
The 360 Degree Cloud team takes pride in its client oriented approach and accords clients the topmost priority. We conceive big ideas that emerge from our acumen and create strategies that simplify complexities and zero in on just the right solution. We create UI/UX solutions that not only cater to present day requirements, but also the unknown needs of the future.


In a world where almost every other person has a smartphone in his hand, brand perception has become everything. The potential of a mobile website is undoubtedly limitless.
Mobile website is a small investment with the maximum impact. No business would not want to be caught in a situation where a customer is struggling with un-adapted layout and misplaced content on his smartphone.
360 Degree Cloud’s mobile sites are built for a world where mobile takes precedence over every other platform. The company’s mobile website solutions are compatible with almost all major smartphone platforms such as iPhone (iOS), Android, BlackBerry, and Windows. All the mobile websites we create are custom made for clients by our extremely talented professionals.
We help clients reach their requisite mobile audience by delivering an intuitive experience to their customers. 360 Degree makes it extremely simple, easy and inexpensive for clients to hop into the mobile bandwagon.

Superb immediacy in communication. Very professional company and supportive service. Thank you!
360 Degree Cloud Technologies provided me with a website in 2013 and it has become my prime source of clients. It provides a good understanding of my business and my approach to landscape design. Thank you all for the huge amount of time and effort that you've put into the creativity, design, development and realization of our site.
I was incredibly nervous about building a website, you hear all the small business horror stories, but I have to admit I have been very happy with the simple website I requested.