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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

What Exactly is Salesforce Help?

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Salesforce has got everything that a business needs to improve its processes and streamline all the work with a unified view of data. But even after getting started with Salesforce, it is possible that a company might get stuck somewhere in the journey or might need assistance to get better out of Salesforce. That’s where Salesforce Help comes into play. 

Salesforce includes the Salesforce Help as a help and support arrangement to assist businesses and teams to utilize the Salesforce platform at its best and keep learning about every new update and feature to implement it in the organization. Salesforce offers its help to the users in the form of:

  • Documentation: It offers videos, documentation, and walkthroughs that will help a business succeed in its goals.
  • Trailhead: Teams can follow a guided learning path with the help of fun interactive tutorials.
  • Trailblazer Community: Teams can also connect with the Trailblazer Community to get answers to their queries.

Everything Salesforce Help Has Got to Offer 

Salesforce has got everything ready for its users so make sure they never get stuck anywhere in the Salesforce journey. There’s a lot that Salesforce has set for its customers to support them throughout their business processes after they have made a choice from different types of customer success plans.

1. Increase Return on Investment

  • Salesforce will guide you on the right path, from choosing the right success plan to improving the processes.
  • You will automatically get the online support and training that will help you understand more about working on Salesforce.
  • Salesforce help and support will give you access to 24/7 direct access with the team, on-demand admins by upgrading to Premier Success Plan

2. Collaborate with Specialists

  • With the needed help, you and your team can get the ease to collaborate with consultants and other certified experts for guidance.
  • You can benefit from advisory services to transform your business to reach your goals. 
  • You can get best-practice training, planning and strategic engagements, innovative experience, and custom-built Salesforce solutions for your business. 
  • Salesforce Help can even help you connect with experts who specialize in nonprofit and higher education communities. 

3. Get Trained and Certified at the Source

  • You and your team can get access to Salesforce training and certification that will help them expand the knowledge.
  • As the Salesforce customer, you will be able to get access to discounts and instructor-led training, and Salesforce certification
  • Salesforce even offers virtual training, private workshops, self-led courses, and Trailhead.

Leverage Salesforce with the Right Help

Salesforce is always ready to provide support to its users whenever they are stuck at any issue or have any concerns. Whether it is through tutorials or 1-to-1 sessions with the experts, businesses can choose their way to work through the platform. 

As you keep moving ahead with Salesforce, you might face complexities for which using Salesforce Help won’t be feasible at all times. All you need then is the support of experienced Salesforce consulting services. For more information on 360 Degree Cloud, feel free to contact us.

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