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Why You Should Opt for ‘360 Verify the Email’ App Today

why you should you opt for 360 verify the email

why you should you opt for 360 verify the email

Emails are still among the most frequently used communication channels used by marketers to get in touch with their customers, prospects or business partners. They are relied upon heavily by the people so as to make the most out of them. There are certain reasons why people are so obsessed with the same. Easy and quick deliverability, faster responses, the feature of scheduling, etc. are just a few of them which makes it this much popular among the audience. Talking from the perspective of marketers, we are aware of the fact that they always wish to stay connected with their respective target audience. So, before sending out emails in bulk to their subscribed users’ list, it is their prime duty to cross-check the email addresses once again so that their emails get delivered on the right time to the right person without landing into their spam boxes.

An app by 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, named as ‘360 verify the Email App is just the next world’s invention for the marketers. Want to know why? It allows them to verify each and every email address present in their huge database which they might not be able to do on their personal level. Running this process might save you a lot of time and money simultaneously. It would save you time because you won’t have to verify the email addresses manually every time you are thinking of running an email campaign. It would save your money too because this would allow you to save your every single penny which would otherwise have been wasted on the emails which do not get delivered.

Also, there are various other benefits of opting for 360 Verify The Email App apart from just the prime benefits. Continue reading the following pointers to get more information on the same:

  1. This app can easily work with both, standard as well as custom objects on the Salesforce.
  2. Offering real-time verification of the present records
  3. You can also check the history of email verification within the app
  4. Also verifies the existence of the domain

So, the above mentioned were a few additional benefits of using this wonderfully incredible app which allows to carry out a successful email marketing campaign in order to get better results than ever before. The blog throws light on the advantages of using this kind of app by the business enterprises who normally run an email campaign almost daily as a part of their jobs. Found it interesting? Wish to get on board with us? It is among the top-rated email verification apps on the AppExchange platform with a rating of 4.5 stars. This app which is natively built on Salesforce is Lightning ready which means it is compatible with all the lightning components providing you with a high-speed experience every time. Connect with us now and experience the best of our app. You can also visit AppExchange and try our app for free so that you can trust us before getting completely involved with us.

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