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Ensure Secure Field Service Management to Accelerate Revenue Growth

Secure Field Service Management

Secure Field Service Management

For any field service leader, safety is always on the top of all priorities. Your team would be able to do well with their tasks are you’ve set them up with the right enablement so they can achieve success. That’s the kind of secure field service management every company should have. 

It is paramount to have safety in jobs related to field service. Technology has evolved rapidly over the years to meet the growing demands of society by helping businesses to access tools to develop smarter strategies that could keep their employees and customers safe.

How Secure Field Service Management boosts Revenue

Let’s have a look at some ways companies can get better revenue growth by making their field service secure. 

1. Remote assistance to complete more jobs

Visual remote assistance allows your employees to deliver safe support and guidance without having to visit on-site. This helps to boost customer satisfaction while allowing employees to finish more jobs in the time they save as they won’t have to travel from site to site. 

According to the report by Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer, 96% of people believe that customer experience has a great role in transforming buying decisions. 

Remote assistance also contributes to keeping mobile workers off the road and safe, thus driving their productivity which ultimately boosts the revenue.

2. Enable digital self-service to achieve customer loyalty

You can enable digital self-service so customers can manage their own appointments, making field service visits easy and safe. Customers would be able to track the reps in real-time when they’ll be on their way. 

This gives customers the opportunity to plan the visit according to their convenience and get the work area ready before the mobile worker arrives.

3. Work plans to drive business

Work plans help employees and contractors by providing clear step-by-step directions to ensure correct, consistent, and safe service delivery. Such plans help in improving first-time resolution rates and also cut down exposure to possible hazards on visits.

With these work plans, you can also get an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell to generate revenue. You can include questions about safety for your mobile workers as part of your work plans. You can include questions like: 

This type of essential information can be quickly captured by workers from the customer so they can identify potential opportunities to boost sales and support.

Drive Growth with Secure Field Service Management

Safety has a lot more role to play than protecting your employees and customers from harm during any service. With methods like remote assistance, work plans, self-service, and secure field service management can even contribute to revenue growth, bringing in recurring customers.

There’s a lot more you can do to improve your field service. You can learn more about Field Service Lightning with our certified consultants. 

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