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Resource ID - AKS1
Experience:      7 Years
Availablity:       Immediate
Location:           Remote
LWC Aura Apex VF Pages Triggers Workflows Process Builders Flows Rest API Integration Einsten Analytics Sales Cloud Service Cloud Experience Cloud


Resource ID - SKP1
Experience:      4.7 Years
Availablity:       Immediate
Location:           Remote
CPQ Apex VF Pages Triggers Workflows Process Builders Flows Sales Cloud Has knowledge in:Rest API Integration LWC Service Cloud Aura


Resource ID - PS1
Experience:      4.5 Years
Availablity:       Immediate
Location:           Remote
Marketing Cloud Email studio Automation Studio Journey Builder SQL Cloud Pages AMPScript

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Shishir Agarwal
Global Head – Salesforce Practice
Hexaware Technologies
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Brett Smith
Founder and Principal Consultant
Cumulus Vision

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Sunil Jagani
President and CTO at Alliancetek, Greater Philadelphia

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