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360 Degree Cloud Technologies provides business Salesforce® consulting to clients from all walks of life to help them grow and outperform their previous best.
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Switching to a new Business model isn’t easy, however 360 Degree Cloud Technologies is well versed with all that is needed to adopt a new Business model.
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SYSTEMS Integration

360 Degree Cloud Technologies is well aquainted to the intricate knowledge required to integrate third party systems and applications to your bussinesses.
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360 Degree Cloud Technologies team lends continous technical support to clients post system adoption and integration to give them a smooth experience.
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Why Salesforce® Implementation

Track Your Minute Sales Forecast.

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Get started right away and see a big impact on your business in no time with Salesforce® development.

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Good Work! Very knowledgeable with a good team in place. Completed the work on time and was committed to the project until I was satisfied.
We are delighted with 360 Degree Cloud Technologies and the solutions they have delivered for our clients. They were very quick in picking up our needs and simplifying the complex. Using business language rather than technical jargon, they produced proposals which was spot on and reflected exactly the areas discussed. We are very pleased with their service levels - they are always at the end of the phone. All of this is done in a professional, efficient and courteous manner.
Overall a great experience. A true expert in integration to Quickbooks and Mailchimp to Salesforce®. Excellent responsiveness via Skype. High level of English. Very antipathy and kind.
Total professionals and experts in their field, these guys have transformed a hotchpotch mismatch of inaccurate information into a well organised and clearly defined red hot CRM system. We now have up to the minute visibility on our sales forecasts, opportunities and actual achievements and the results are paying off virtually immediately. I can not recommend them more highly well, organised, good communicators patient and persistent - great guys.
Really enjoyed working with 360 Degree Cloud Technologies They are amazing with API integrations. We will be using them for several integration projects moving forward! Hire 360 Degree Cloud Technologies they will add great value to your CRM Solution for Salesforce®.

360 Degree Cloud Technologies has been absolutely incredible to work with. I have never experienced such a professional and prompt development team ever! Their communication is second to none and they always follow the direction you give to them and more importantly, they weigh in with their own opinion when things can be done better or more efficient. Team is always cognitive of my timeline and deadlines and always delivered what they said. I will definitely use 360 Degree Cloud Technologies  services again.