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What Makes Mulesoft for Salesforce Better Than Your Legacy System?

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Adopted by more than 150,000 companies globally, the Salesforce CRM is relied upon for its application development, marketing automation, analytics, and customer success. Different functional solutions are actively making this CRM a capable technology, rapidly accepted across an increasingly wide spectrum of industries. Salesforce continues to sit at the peak of technology solution providers mainly because of the integration possibilities that come with it and a complete B2B ecosystem. But by far, one of the most powerful and robust integrations adopted by businesses is Salesforce yet, is its integration with the Mulesoft Anypoint platform.

Back in 2018, there was a lot of talk around the inclusion of Mulesoft into Salesforce, but slowly and it all made sense. The acquisition of Mulesoft was made with an eye on enhancing customer service as well as legacy systems. Salesforce and Mulesoft made that possible by connecting systems to bring over legacy information of the customers, helping several institutions modernize in the process

What is Mulesoft?

Mulesoft empowers businesses to innovate rapidly with a powerful integration platform. It allows the organizations seamless connection of data, devices, and applications with APIs (Application Programming Interface). APIs work as a messenger that gathers the requests and tells the system what the user wants to work on, and finally gets a response for the user. 

Since Mulesoft is being used with Salesforce, it has helped companies to unlock their data in a broad spectrum of computer software packages, from their legacy systems to mobile devices, which simply made the data access easier. Also, it has allowed the companies to unify their data, allowing multiple departments working on customer support to access information in a single view, leading to a connected experience.

Why let go of your Legacy System and move to Mulesoft?

You may call your legacy system tried and tested solution as much as you’d like (and sometimes for good reason), but is it exactly what you need in an intelligent technology landscape? While there is a perception that an organization relying on a stable infrastructure should not make drastic changes, middleware today has evolved. It is more stable and often made for the express purpose of transforming defunct systems. But digital transformation arguably needs flexible business processes, robust software performance, and the ability to quickly respond to the customers, which legacy systems cannot meet. It’s common for companies that stick with their legacy systems to run straight into issues like high maintenance costs and poor performance, along with incompatibility with new technologies. A delayed upgrade also comes with a steep cost when they finally upgrade, and even considerable opportunity loss. 

Migrating from your legacy system to a unique Mulesoft Anypoint Platform can increase competitiveness and performance for your business. The platform allows you to access, manage, process, and repurpose data easily in a consolidated view. This will significantly help your business to expand and grow its presence.

Benefits of Using Salesforce with Mulesoft

Together, Salesforce and Mulesoft Anypoint Platform integration can solve the most challenging connectivity problems across APIs and SaaS. The result is a highly productive unified integration platform that helps to build an application network of apps, data, and devices by enabling API-led connectivity. Here we have listed some clear benefits of Mulesoft your company can discover. 

  • Undivided connectivity: The integration allows you to connect apps, data, and almost any other device on-premise, as well as in the cloud. 
  • Lowest friction: Mulesoft helps you to create and modify the application network quickly by using low-code tools and open standards, along with the pre-built templates, APIs, and connectors, making it all user-friendly.
  • Future-proof: The platform has a flexible architecture that eases changes and innovation into the business as it evolves through enterprise systems.

See reliable Digital Transformation with Salesforce-Mulesoft Integration

The capabilities of Mulesoft fit perfectly into the strategy, needs, and profiles of Salesforce. Mulesoft and Salesforce pull together the customer and seller experience issues you are facing with your legacy system. The integration will see you through comprehensive out-of-the-box functionalities that keep development work done under the hood. You can tap into easier Mulesoft data integration and maximize returns from the connected experiences and un-siloed data for both employees and the customers. Reach out to us at sales@360degreeclod.com for the best integration solutions that suit your process.

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