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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

for Retail

75% of customers never return after a bad experience
Switch to digital commerce with Salesforce and reinvent your store,
Accelerate store growth by connecting it to an Intelligent Platform

Salesforce for Retail
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Get on-brand portals, Serve and connect with patrons through

Salesforce For Retail

Targeted Campaigns

Increase customer acquisition with personalized discounts and market to target audiences for more attention

Personalize Path-to-Purchase

Enhance marketing results by creating scalable journeys that deliver suitable offers to shoppers

Conduct Real Conversation

Meet busy shoppers online and empower agents to personalize every interaction with faster responses

Empower customers, teams, and decision-makers with
Salesforce for your Retail Store

Purchase Order Procurement
Purchase & Order Procurement

Automate order procurement and fulfillment by visually managing workflows, payment capture, discount offers, and invoices to speed up orders

Integrate with Invoicing
Integrate with Invoicing

Integrate Salesforce and the billing process with customized fields, create invoices and dynamic fields specific to your customer and their purchase

Leverage Einstein Analytics
Leverage Einstein Analytics

Enable Einstein Analytics and real-time custom dashboards to view and track sales pipeline, conversion rates, quarterly sales, inquiries, sales quota, and onboarding numbers to evaluate business performance

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Manage and track inventory and costing in real-time to view the summary on inventory transactions, analyze supply and demand, and automate re-ordering

Recommendations Cross selling
Recommendations, Cross-selling

Identify market trends and purchasing behavior of customers to create customer personas and offer data-driven suggestions for products

Seamless Team Collaboration 1
Seamless Team Collaboration

Centralize and integrate data flow between teams for service, order processing and returns, strengthen collaboration across the value chain including supplier and procurement teams

Optimize product listings, Search, Cart checkout, and Orders with
Salesforce for Retail

Optimize Storefront Visits and Logins
Optimize Storefront Visits and Logins

Let field representatives access a mobile app to manage pick-ups for return orders, plan new inventory and manage stock to be more efficient with delivery and product placement

Improve Store Planning and Management
Improve Store Planning and Management

Leverage CRM to understand the store’s needs,  utilize in-app map functionality to plan deliveries and daily routes

Capture Orders and Purchase Details Easily
Capture Orders and Purchase Details Easily

Implement custom forms to process new orders, collect product information, and create field validations to ensure accurate data capture

Use AI to Optimize Inventory plan new offerings 1
Use AI to Optimize Inventory, plan new offerings

Use artificial intelligence to personalize the storefront for each visitor, identify trends to see which products did well, plan your next offerings and replenish inventory

Increase Sales with Loyalty Programs
Increase Sales with Loyalty Programs

Enable conditional loyalty reward programs, discounts, rebates, and promo codes to encourage purchases at checkout

reminder and alert 1
Reminders. Alerts, Confirmations
Send customers new offers, reminders and confirmations for order placement, CSAT codes, delivery ETAs. over WhatsApp, SMS, Voicemail and more