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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services

Hire experts with experience of working with 30+ partners

Reduce cost of acquiring skilled teams, without compromising quality or deadlines

What Staff Augmentation Brings For You

Simplified Pricing Model 

Avoid hiring and disengagement costs and switch to an easy rate card that offers scalable staff on demand

Control over Resource and Scope 

Choose candidates from Salesforce staff augmentation companies with the best skill set, maintaining complete control over resources added

Pool of vetted, qualified talent 

Fill any roles by hiring a larger pool of certified specialist staff across Salesforce talents for your projects or administrative work

Overcome any IT Skill Gap, 

Supplement any existing knowledge gaps, across the entire Salesforce suite, by entrusting your workload to a capable team

Switch Experts

We supply and change expertise to match changing and urgent requirements at anytime, without binding long-term commitments

Escalation Points and back-up

All resource related escalations can be managed through single point of contact, and unavailable resources can be substituted by a stand-in at anytime

Interviews, Trials 

We also share resumes, let you interview candidates for fit before adding them to your team, and even test out candidates for trial periods

Never miss a Salesforce update

Missing an update can cost you, but with Salesforce staff augmentation services, you’ll always be able to upgrade to the latest capabilities

Why Your Business Needs
Salesforce Staff Augmentation

Scale up or down without impact

Get a large pool of experienced resources whenever you need them

Hire expertise at the right time

Keep senior expertise on-roll only when you need it and contain overall costs

Simpler cost model and contracts

Hire at a fixed hourly rate card according to your needs, no strings attached

Lower Opportunity Loss

Prepare for and seize opportunity, Never be short staffed for a new project

Affordable compared to Direct Hiring

Hire and disengage teams for niche Salesforce skills faster than permanent hires

Overcomes Hiring Restrictions

Deal only with a single Point-of-Contact for Salesforce expertise as an IT service

24/7 Resource Availability

24/7 resource availability to work remotely according to your timezone

Increase Reliability for projects

Always have dependable resources on hand in your time-zone for any project

Extend your team’s agility without increasing your budget

Hire complete Salesforce teams of top shelf developers, QAs, solution architects, technical architects, UI/ UX developers, business analysts and more for your unique business needs and projects  

Key Benefits of Hiring Us for Salesforce Staff Augmentation

Manage Staff Shortage

Accommodate staff shortages in unexpected events (pandemics, acts-of-god ) with vetted experts

Flexibility with Resources

Add more resources in just a matter of days if there’s any unexpected workload to keep projects running

Avoid Legal Hassles

Cut down on the paperwork and legal responsibility of hiring and maintaining ad-hoc in-house teams from overseas

Less Dependence for Enhancements

Closely aligned resource can easily understand your business and close gaps, closely monitor Salesforce and provide consulting

Preserve Processes

Hand over your workload with to extended staff and still keep control over the process that you’ve invested to build

Scalable Teams

Access scalable teams to increase or decrease resources based on your need and cut-back anytime

Expansion & Reshaping

Get experts onboard without the risk of failure involved in business expansion and paying out unused senior resources

We currently have
90 +
Working across
20 +

Get higher value at a lower cost and operational efficiency

Leverage deep experience and skills without the hiring cycle

Cover for sudden resource shortage with rapid

Staff Augmentation

“360 Degree Cloud helped us quickly cover for our COVID affected team members with additional resources for coverage.
Their resources have been extremely professional and responsive
They’re highly qualified and highly skilled which has helped us with project enhancements and support”

A 6 Month Long Project over Sales Cloud, Customer 360 Platform for a Professional Services Firm in the USA

-Excerpted from AppExchange

Combat Talent Shortage with Staff Augmentation


Staff augmentation is when a company hires additional staff to support its internal team for a specific project or period. The additional staff are hired on a temporary basis and work as part of the company’s existing team.

Specifically taking about Salesforce staff augmentation is used to bring in additional talent to support a specific Salesforce project or initiative, such as implementing a new Salesforce system, customizing an existing Salesforce solution, or providing ongoing support and maintenance for a Salesforce implementation.
When considering staff augmentation for business needs, a company can choose from different types of Salesforce staff augmentation services available, depending on the needs of the company. The most common types of staff augmentation include:
– Onshore Staff Augmentation
– Offshore Staff Augmentation
– Dedicated Team Staff Augmentation
– Time and Materials Staff Augmentation
Staff augmentation and outsourcing are both strategies that companies can use to access additional resources and expertise for their projects. However, there are some key differences between the two. With Salesforce staff augmentation companies in the USA, the organization maintains control over the project, and the external resources work alongside the internal team. With outsourcing, the company typically hands over the project or a specific aspect to a third-party vendor with full control over the project.

Staff augmentation is often used for short-term projects, where additional resources are needed for a specific period. Outsourcing is often used for long-term projects or ongoing support and maintenance.
The purpose of staff augmentation is to provide companies with additional resources and expertise for their projects without hiring new full-time employees. Staff augmentation can be a flexible and cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, who may not have the budget or resources to hire new employees or need additional expertise for specific projects.

Resource augmentation for Salesforce can be a cost-effective solution for companies needing additional resources for specific projects or short-term periods without investing in long-term hiring and training costs.