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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Education
Cloud Services

Create a connected learner experience
with an agile platform for higher education institutions

Turn a new corner with

Salesforce Education Cloud Services

Campus Collaboration

For seamless student experience to facilitate organizational management

Smooth Student Management

Maintain a transparent record of each student with their profile, attendance, and academic progress

Better Admission Enrollment

Increase admission rates and inquiries with integrated and automated enrollment processes

What we bring to
Salesforce Education Cloud Services

as a Silver Consulting Partner

Student experience

to deliver outstanding service and drive retention

Alumni Engagement
and advancement

to build lifelong alumni and donor relationships

Faster Processes
for recruitment & admission

to reach, engage and enroll the most suitable students

What you can expect to achieve from our
Salesforce Education Cloud Services

Assessment and Consultation
to analyze your campus’s needs and draw a plan for digital transformation
Design and Development
of best-suited applications to connect your campus seamlessly on cloud
for error-free smooth service to create value for your stakeholders
Maintenance and Support
to maintain your cloud integration with our ongoing support