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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

For Insurance

Transform policyholder engagement and insurance sales,
Automate policy renewals, payment processes, and status tracking

Get seamless and efficient policyholder experience with

Salesforce For Insurance

Qualify Prospects Capture data and insights to reach out to eligible prospects, uncover new opportunities for insurance, verify backgrounds
Automate Renewals Simplify policy renewals, claims, and payments by automating the renewals based on the issue dates and never miss a renewal opportunity
Improve Experience Enhance customer & agent experience by pulling in data from third-party systems, chat, and telephony solutions for smoother claims management
Monitor Agent Performance View agent performance, territories, closed-won deals, and automate task assignment, commissions, referrals

Self-service, Transparency, and Analytics with
Salesforce for Insurance Claims

Automated Claims Management

Acquire automated quotes through system integrations for handling multiple claims, then use approval flows to submit them for approval, disapproval, or any additional reviews

Real-Time Dashboards

Get real-time data on dashboards to track the number of claims, the annual contract value for a client’s portfolio, or to search clients and policy types in the knowledge base

Document Management

Leverage customized document generators to eliminate the tedious task of preparing contractual documentation, while reducing errors and maintaining regulatory compliance

Customer Portals for Crucial Updates
Enable self-service capabilities for customers to show them their KYC status or track their claims through customer portals and stay updated on the policy renewal time and maturity
Recurring Billing
Automate the payment and renewal process and set reminders so your customers never miss any premium installations, which also extends lifetime value of policyholders
Personalized Marketing

Plan personalized up-sell and cross-sell marketing based on medical conditions, current care plan, and previous interactions to personalize marketing and customer service

Manage critical updates and background checks, improve renewal collections and retention with
Salesforce for Insurance

Integrate Agency Management Systems

Integrate existing policy and claims management to Salesforce to automate critical updates for customers and reduce agent communication

Assess policy needs for cross-selling

Pitch the right products when you get to know your customers on a deeper level by accessing their claims and policies in one place and identify AI-recommended actions for them with Einstein Analytics

Retain Customer, Improve Collections

Increase collections, manage recurring medical billing to enhance customer service, speed up claim delivery, promote customer retention

Communications Helpdesk
Send communications through CTI, SMS, WhatsApp for one-on-one claims assistance
Customer Portals
Let insurance buyers see active insurance policies and track claims for the entire family