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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Marketing
Cloud Services

Use immersive experiences
to gauge real preferences

Power hyper-personalized experiences
and value-addition for eCommerce

Build Complex Journeys & Lead flow pipelines to nurture audiences faster with

Marketing Cloud

and nurture audiences faster through
Analytics to steer messaging

Assess marketing impact to test and find out what works when and where.

Custom Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Showcase even the most niche services & businesses strategies.

Journeys, Interactions built on the platform

Use micro-interactions to segment data, journeys to nurture audience segments.

Managed Contacts, Outreach to reduce turnaround

Push Click advertisements on any platform, Manage subscribers & segments.

Implement thoughtful lead-flow pipelines in

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integrations

and orchestrate marketing operations

like it’s all you ever do

Create & Manage parallel brands, storefronts
Integrate third-party analytics, round-out workflows
Identify buying behaviors, get insights, increase conversion
Re-purpose and schedule content, consolidate data
String together the entire

Marketing Process

from new prospects to lifetime relationships

Attract new prospects,
Start conversations
Analyze Insights
Understand responses and interactions at all levels
Personalize Messages
Resonate and engage with customers
Reach out to Prospects
Find them at the right time and channel with relevant offers
Integrate to other Salesforce Clouds
For fully-connected experiences
Predict emerging needs
Delight and capture markets, build loyalty and advocacy
Nurture Lifetime Relationships
With journeys and interactions for contacts, email, and social platforms
Create and manage Experiences,

Recommendations, and Relationships through

Marketing Cloud Implementations

Stay on-message
Use personalized Journeys & Interactions
  • 1

    Integrated marketing tools to synchronize messaging

  • 2

    Journey Builder solutions to trace your next steps

  • 3

    Personalization of steps along journey

  • 4

    Dashboards for mentions, comments, direct messages, and analyzed sentiment

  • 5

    Analyze sentiment holistically by region

  • 6

    Get actionable reports and alerts

Reduce overall
Optimize & Calibrate Ads
  • 1

    Integration with external analytics tools for understanding metrics like expenditure, cross-channel engagement, conversion, and click-metrics

  • 2

    Understand optimal message attributes like send-times, length, and channels for engagement

  • 3

    Relevance and targeting to increase returns on advertising with engaging, relevant content built around segments, and tracking in Advertising Studio

Personalize Journeys faster
Cultivate personas & segments
  • 1

    Interaction Studio solutions to incorporate meaningful insights into journeys

  • 2

    Audience Studio to correlate data and spell out the next steps for journeys

  • 3

    Personalize interactions and journeys in Journey Builder

  • 4

    Draw personas in Salesforce DMP

  • 5

    Segment audiences for in Email Studio through data from correlations, interactions, and personas

Manage sentiment & relevance
Keep an ear to the ground
  • 1

    Share content and collaterals securely between owners and publishers

  • 2

    Monitor online conversations and help quick response teams spring into action, damage control

  • 3

    Share content internally over Data Studio for managed content approvals to stay on-message

Land new prospects
Automate core marketing operations
  • 1

    Managed prospect creation, scores, and activeness

  • 2

    Funnels, collateral, and interaction performance

  • 3

    Marketing automation and campaigns over segments, emails, forms, and landing page content

Get better process integration
Use Salesforce Connect for connecting systems, consistent brand messaging
  • 1

    Sales (core selling, recommendations)

  • 2

    Service (case resolution)

  • 3

    Community (engagement, campaigns, after-sales)

  • 4

    Commerce (discounts, cart management)

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

Leverage Audience Studio to Capture Data

from all customer touchpoints, providing your marketing team insights about the target audience

Capture Communication with Customers with Interaction Studio

to know customers and come up with the best action to reach out to them in a personalized way and with suitable product recommendation

Reach New Audiences with Data Studio
which is a safe environment for purchasers and data owners to connect and exchange information with the help of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant