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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Implementationn for Healthcare

Empower your healthcare team by providing them multiple channels to connect with patients
We implement

Salesforce for Healthcare

Comprehensive Patient View

Gain access to a detailed view of patients

to create rich patient profiles and access collaborative care network and health timelines

Smarter Patient Engagement

Create seamless collaboration

between care teams and patients to easily segment and manage patients to easily track their needs

Enhanced Quality of Care

Gain commercial excellence by

linking business operations and patient services units with critical data and actionable insights over a unified platform

What we bring tor

Salesforce Services for Healthcare

as Silver Consulting Partners

1-to-1 Patient Experiences

Cultivate patient relationships

by giving them personalized, 1-to-1 experiences across every touchpoint
A Single View of the Patient

Enable healthcare team

to collaborate seamlessly from a single point of engagement for all patient data
Patients Access to Care

Connect to patients with a single platform

helping them access the right services faster to drive higher satisfaction
Transparency & Predictability

Achieve commercial excellence

by connecting sales and patient service teams with actionable insights to know the next-best treatment plan
Scale & Streamline Compliance

Reduce operational costs

by shepherding prior authorizations, patient sign-ups, and fulfillment tracking, while receiving positive health outcomes
Empowerment of Sales Team

Improve the sales process and efficiency

with centralized data, task automation, and immediate insights they need on any device

What you can expect to achieve from our
Salesforce Services for Healthcare


of the healthcare team

with better ways to connect with patients and EHR data

in healthcare journeys

by delivering smooth experiences to patients, from acquisition and onboarding

care delivery

by promoting patient engagement through a unified platform

Salesforce Health Cloud Integration

Boost Revenue
by automating processes across the patient journeys and centralizing data for faster access and decision-making

Deliver Personalized Experience 
by tracking each individual and maintaining unified data for lifecycle management of patients

Drive Engagement
by forming meaningful relationships through better coordination with care providers and medical device distributors

Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Integrate with EHR 
Enable the healthcare provider to render better health outcomes by integrating a system with EHR and other systems that help in the consolidation of data and seamless record management – for a holistic healthcare picture with Salesforce implementation for healthcare

Streamline Processes
Reduce complexities and drive innovation with Salesforce implementation for healthcare to streamline your commercial operations and connect between people, processes, and data. Simplify the patient engagement by maximizing the patient support system