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Where Salesforce Hurts: Understanding Key Salesforce Challenges

Salesforce can be highly transformational for any organization as it can successfully change the entire way a company carries its processes.  But despite the many benefits of Salesforce and its indisputable leadership in the business sector, some key Salesforce challenges hinder its absolute success.  Every business has huge expectations when implementing Salesforce. The extensive capabilities …

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Best Practices for Salesforce Integration

For a successful Salesforce Integration strategy, it is important to determine the right way to leverage the robust APIs of Salesforce for effectively integrating data and streamlining operations. After that, Salesforce integration helps you get a holistic view of your process, a 360-degree view of your customers, and actionable data. But to achieve all of …

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8 vital skills Platform App Builders must have

App development has become very important for businesses looking for a platform to handle their distributed business process. And that’s what causes an increase in demand for platform app builders. But along with their technical expertise, there are skills platform app builders must have to create apps with the needed functionalities.  Essential Skills Platform App …

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