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One More Addition to “Plus”: Salesforce Enters Streaming Business with Salesforce+

After ruling the global industry sector with its CRM, Salesforce has now taken another big leap, entering the industry of streaming services. Salesforce has made its debut in the streaming market by launching Salesforce+, a live and on-demand content platform that aims majorly on business professionals.  Unlike Disney+ and Netflix, Salesforce’s streaming platform will be …

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How to Get Started with Salesforce Lightning Development?

People who had been using Salesforce for a long time for their business would have already considered Lightning migration to get hold of every advanced feature that could improve its performance. But the main reason that users are considering Salesforce Lightning development is to access Lightning Components.  Lightning Components run at the client-side and can …

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Salesforce Development Lifecycle Explained

Cloud-based systems have captivated the minds of the people and have achieved a dominant position in the industry. But developing a cloud-based solution like the Salesforce instance is a complex task. Salesforce projects are developed using Eclipse, making it effortless to be integrated using a plugin. But the Salesforce development lifecycle is not very linear …

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Managing Salesforce Releases and their effects on Salesforce Platform Customizations

What makes Salesforce so impressive is the ability to allow users to build highly functional enterprise-level applications and customizations without having to write the code. But these functionalities come with a cost. With more functionalities, users might face issues regarding managing Salesforce releases and source control.  Each organization would have different business cultures and release …

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Best practices: User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for Salesforce Customization Projects

Salesforce ecosystem has grown rapidly among industries, and its maturity is a continuous process. With Salesforce evolving, the solution can become more complex, making quality assurance more important than ever. This is the reason that Salesforce professionals give ample attention to user acceptance testing. When working on Salesforce customization projects, it is important to ensure …

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Post-Launch Care for Salesforce Projects

It’s common these days to hire Salesforce developers and other professionals to work on and manage Salesforce projects. But getting the project developed cannot be considered as the work done. The projects further need post-launch care to make sure the features stay updated with each upcoming Salesforce release.  Many people end up making the mistake …

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