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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Pardot Custom Implementations

Integrate everything to orchestrate better lead-flow

What you can do with an implementation of your

Pardot Investment

Empower Marketers

with insights on other businesses and complete operational control

Convert More

by integrating automation with reports

Improve & Expand Campaigns

across all channels and interactive touchpoints

Measure Performance

for campaigns, interactions

Benefit from our

Pardot Implementation Expertise

Automate Lead-flow Pipelines

to keep sales operations going with a more reliable lead-supply

Calculate Performance & Returns

for campaigns, PPC ads, social media, websites and chatbots, events and videos

Personalize Messages Intelligently,

and deliver Amazon-like experiences for B2B with automation based on lead-capture, reports

Integrate Marketing Tools

for on-brand lead-capture assets for ROI, analytics, and automation

Manage End-to-end Operations

Map and steer journeys for complete tracking, visualization, and control

Progressively profile, score, and qualify your leads with

Pardot Customizations

from a Silver Consulting Partner

Accurate Activity Scoring
  • Score behavior and identify attributes for purchasing and intent
  • Contain sales effort to pursue more quality leads
  • Power sales pitches with on-ground insights form Marketing
  • 360-degree views of Contact-level interactions (forms, clicks) and micro-interactions (impressions, navigation)
  • Segmentation with data from scores and interaction over journeys
Pardot Salesforce Integration

Automate critical marketing operations and processes depending on them, with no more than points-and-clicks

  • Glean consolidated data to steer marketing and next- best actions accurately
  • Report performance and attrition at all layers of all funnels
  • Integrate with external systems to avoid switch, increase efficiency
  • Power recommendations and insights anywhere with Salesforce1 Apps
  • Massage in analytics from external sources seamlessly to avoid echo-chambers
Multiple Social Channel Management
To listen to and serve tickets anywhere pro-actively
  • Extract and analyze sentiment
  • Approve near real-time responses
  • Adapt content to platform specifications
  • Route back with Salesforce Connect to a Service Cloud Omnichannel
  • Integrate applications like Zendesk Salesforce integration to view and edit tickets from the CRM
On-brand Interactive Assets
Manage your gated assets and collateral for lead-capture
  • Consistent on-brand journeys
  • Forms, landing pages, and adaptive content