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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Connect customer experiences and portals to data consistently

For Customers

Enable efficient self-help and visibility for customers for sales, service, and tracking

Connect them to the right answers faster, accept payments

For Partners

Manage partner and vendor relationships automatically

Share collaborative resources, records, and contacts for co-marketing and third party partnerships

For Custom Audiences

Customize niche experiences for your business type besides just pre-built theme

Administer support easily for your custom experiences with an equally customizable and fully integrated Salesforce CRM

Get to know

The Experience Cloud

Get external portals for partners and customers

Set up portals faster to connect customers and partners with a with you and each other

Personalize and Streamline Experiences

Use consolidated customer data for consistent communications on all channels

Mold and craft experiences with points-and-click

Count on no code, intelligence, and the ISV app ecosystem to deliver niche experiences for any scale

Let customers and partners see and track orders and services

Give back total visibility and control to see ongoing projects, subscriptions, and orders to raise cases immediately

Take customer and partner interactions online, the right way

Accelerate digital transformations and take all of your business online without missing anything

Customize digital experiences with all the power of Salesforce

Create fully customized interactions to nurture niche audiences and forums with not just portals, but well-integrated experiences built on Salesforce

Tailor and scale
complete digital experiences
for customers and partners

Key Capabilities across all Experience Cloud Editions

Build Experiences

Manage content and target audiences for digital experiences

Build sites and workspaces with stable templates for major usage
Access and edit CRM Records

Access all standard and service records, accounts, and contacts

Customize dashboards for Customer Community Plus
Share and work with customers and partners

Communicate over Chatter, share files

Categorize content and discussions by topics, and share recommendations
Sharing Controls

Implement advanced permissions and sharing on Community Plus

Manage and control customer identities Community Plus
Lightning Platform Integration

Bring over up to 10 custom objects to customize

Store customer data and manage APi calls with Community Plus
Customize portals for

Customer Service and Account Management, Centralized Partner Collaborations, and Niche Interest groups

Customer Service

Implement complete Customer Service and Customer Account Portal Experiences

  • Provide self-help knowledge bases for case-deflection
  • Categorize content for topics by any custom category for better access and discovery
  • Update details, trigger and connect custom third party-powered processes and actions for customer accounts

Partner Central

Onboard and Collaborate with partners and suppliers easily on Partner Central

  • Implement and evaluate guided onboarding for partners with forms and on-brand certifications
  • Reduce turnaround for collaborating on quotations and lead sharing
  • Pull insights to succeed with co-branded marketing

Build Your Own

Customize experiences for niches and personalize them for individual users

  • Build tailored experiences faster
  • Insert customized and on-brand components wherever you need them
  • Bring over valuable legacy content from an existing CMS with CMS connect

Customer Account Portal

Complete Customer Account Portal Experiences

  • Integrate and pull data from eCommerce backends and ERPs to lets customers access orders, grievances, replacements and other processes right from the portal
  • Update details, trigger and connect custom third party-powered processes and actions for customer accounts
  • Let customers modify profile and custom data for cases and purchase claims

Modify and Configure Experiences

with Standard Website Themes


Front load your website with a showcase of your work or a full-scale banner in a minimalist theme


A search-first theme that lets website users search and discover related content and listings faster


A ubiquitous website theme with an introductory passage with a prominent banner that can also be used for promotions


A memorable, impactful theme centered on visuals and a direct call-to-action related to it

Connect experiences seamlessly beyond just portals
Customize apps and other Touchpoints for Niche Experiences over all devices
Pull in data from anywhere and build personalization
Use data from the Salesforce CRM, migrated data, or third-party data from partners
Measure adoption and Engagement Easily
Dashboard consoles help you analyze popular topics, interests, and users
Adapt experiences to any device, no-sweat
Use Lightning Bolt component sto quickly create responsive experiences without compromise
Manage discussions, Let audiences Engage and Endorse
Mediate and streamline discussion topics and subtopics with categorization
Let members score each other for helpful answers
Integrate branded interactions and commerce
Tap into interested audiences and Integrate products from single and multiple vendor sites

Get Salesforce expertise for optimized
Experience Cloud Development