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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

App Development

The mobile workforce is here to stay
- so is Salesforce-for-Mobile

But that doesn’t mean you need to develop a custom mobile app or handle dependencies, bugs, and loose ends.

Instead, you could let Salesforce take care of that and deploy a mobile-compatible version of your Salesforce solution directly to your mobile workforce on their devices.

Take your
Custom Salesforce Implementations to Mobile

Process Enhancements
Understand where mobile can enhance the work process

Achieve frequent, time-sensitive, and business-specific goals that are tied to the physical presence of agents at a site

Designs that work out in the field
Reduced navigation times accumulate with each run

Get users through steps faster without foregoing essential interactions

Optimized Customizations for Mobile
Access custom Salesforce developments and resources over mobile

Manage critical processes over handheld devices and offline with our Salesforce mobile app development services

Get one or multiple apps with

Salesforce Application Development

Achieve what your business needs to with mature and customized Salesforce app development

Collaborate and work on-the-go
Get notified of activities, messages, approvals, or mentions in your Salesforce instance or on Chatter and act on them
Create and aggregate apps & view them faster
Move from forms to auto-fills and custom actions. Salesforce1 will offer custom branding, administrator configuration, and allow for install-able apps
Bring your desktop tools to mobile
Third party sales tools, service tools, and marketing apps will be able to plug right in into the framework
OS Agnostic Salesforce
Collaborate over a mobile-first Salesforce workspace, no matter the operating system
Re-use Customizations
Build on top of Salesforce 1 to reduce the amount of customization you need to access Salesforce over the mobile effectively
Do everything on API-first
Every interaction, interface, and feature for any new customizations


Salesforce app development aims to power specific sales, marketing, and customer service processes through a customized application that regular Salesforce CRM cannot address. It involves building reliable and bug-free applications to enable Salesforce to address the unique business needs of customers and improve their sales and customer service operations.

Salesforce custom application development helps businesses to extend the functionality of their existing solution. Customized Salesforce apps help to enhance and leverage business processes that cannot be improved with standard Salesforce functionalities.

Salesforce App Cloud is a collection of development tools that help Salesforce developers intuitively and efficiently create applications for the Salesforce platform without having to write the code.
Salesforce developers work with Salesforce App Cloud due to following reasons:
– It helps them create practical applications quickly to enhance customer experience.
– It enables them to develop mobile applications for better customer interaction.
– It improves business process automation with faster collaboration with teams.
– It connects and integrates your database with server-based sources with the help of powerful APIs.

Salesforce mobile app helps businesses in many ways. Some of these are mentioned below:
– You can access the Salesforce database from any place and at any time.
– It gives you a hassle-free way to manage sales processes and generate more leads.
– It provides instant notifications and updates for your team, thus enabling faster responses and approvals.
– It gives you a 360-degree view of your project and customers on the go.
– It improves user experience as the Salesforce mobile app is user-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface.