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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce for Manufacturing

Connect Production, Sales, and Planning,
Empower sales teams and channel partners
to collaborate in real-time

Integrate production cycles, sales, service, and marketing pipelines with

Salesforce for Manufacturing

Order Management 
with automated workflows to standardize and accelerate sales cycles, invoicing
Connected Service
for customer support with automated case-creation and communication-tracking
Integrated Supply Chain
for a real-time view of production pipeline for robustness and flexibility by integrating production and sales data
Guided Selling an Quotes

to sell complex products by suggesting relevant add-ons, custom-billing, and in-stock items

What we bring to
Salesforce for Manufacturing Services

Production Management

Plan ahead for production and procurement to improve lead times, cash flow, revenue, and profitability

Task Assignment

Manage field tasks and route-planning by automatically assigning tasks to field representatives, according to their availability and skills

Track Inventory

Add automation to inventory management so warehouses can manage stocks, avoid overproduction and stock outs 

Account-Based Forecasting
Get aggregated data from account-based forecasting so operations, finance, and sales teams get accurate forecasts to plan the next best action
Partner Community

Expand your business exponentially by easily connecting with suppliers, distributors, and retailers through Community

Migrate and Integrate ERPs

Provide ERP visibility to generate accurate sales forecasts and access real-time updates on orders

Run manufacturing operations profitably with
Salesforce for Manufacturing

Efficient manufacturing operations

Connect systems, teams, and data to synchronize operations and orders, close the information gap, and make forecasts

Faster, more personalized service and support

Analyze accurate customer profiles and journeys with Salesforce, Respond to issues intelligently


Extended customer lifetime for renewals, cross-sell

Centralize 360-degree views of customer data for sales teams to pitch and win more deals with existing customers

Higher Returns for the production cycles and digital systems

Achieve increased ROI for production runs with a shorter sales cycle, high conversion rates, and improved productivity