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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Health Cloud Integration Services

Create personalized engagements across every touch-point and lead better overall patient experiences

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Find robust and comprehensive

Salesforce Health Cloud Integration Services

Get a 360-Degree View

of your patients

to identify their requirements and treatment plan with Salesforce Health Cloud implementation

Access Real-time Updates

with patient coordination and engagement

to allow patients and caregivers to send and receive secure messages anytime

Centralize and Standardize

nurse triage services

to make protocol-driven decisions and deliver best-in-class service

Scale and Streamline

compliance and adherence

to help teams to reduce operational costs while receiving positive health outcomes

What you can expect to achieve from our

Salesforce Health Cloud Integration Services

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Patient-Centric Experiences

Acquire, support, and engage patients
with a streamlined engagement platform that connects people

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Transparency and Predictability

Get critical data and actionable insights
that will help you achieve commercial excellence

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A Mobile-First Platform

Seamlessly connect your care teams
to empower better collaboration

Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Deliver Personalized Care
Deliver Personalized Care

With easy patient engagement on a range of devices

Drive Digital Transformation
Drive Digital Transformation

With a unified, streamlined platform to track patient engagement

Streamline Healthcare
Streamline Healthcare

Processes for reduced complexity and to simplify patient management


Salesforce Health Cloud is actually built on the Service Cloud platform only. It includes tools and features to ensure security and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Health Cloud extends to the power of Service Cloud and strives to enable healthcare companies to stand out in the crowded landscape with an integrated system. It helps healthcare organizations track referrals and provide personalized care with 360-degree insights into patients while engaging with them through meaningful campaigns.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a Salesforce product that should be used by health workers in healthcare institutions. Here are some of the reasons to use Health Cloud.
– It helps HCPs get a 360-degree view of patient information
– It enables real-time patient engagement and coordination
– It keeps the healthcare staff aligned on the same information through a centralized platform
– It helps to provide personalized services to patients

Salesforce Health Cloud is a solution by Salesforce for healthcare organizations. It enables healthcare staff to manage doctor-patient interaction and also improves recordkeeping. The solution brings patient data together from several sources in one location, providing the health workers with a complete picture of each patient, both clinical and non-clinical.

Salesforce Health Cloud gives the healthcare staff a 360-degree view of the patient’s journey and experience. It offers a centralized view of patient information that includes clinical data, prior and planned visits, and interaction history, with clinicians, pharmacies, and any other healthcare team.

The best way to plan your Health Cloud implementation is to get help from certified Salesforce professionals. Before starting with the implementation, Salesforce experts would plan on several aspects:
– Integrating existing EHS or other clinical systems with Salesforce for a combined data view
– Setting up a data model that will be the foundation of the entire system
– Setting up a care plan tailored according to the requirement of the healthcare center
– Setting up a Patient or a Person account and managing all the related information
– Setting up a timeline view to achieve a personalized journey for each patient

Here are some of the most impressive benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud:
– Access easy-to-use automated forms and dashboards to reduce errors
– Manage data from medical devices and wearables
– Manage and track patient records on a centralized platform
– Enable better collaboration between healthcare teams
– Access personalized patient journey with all information like health history, insurance, contact information, and prescriptions.