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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Health Cloud Integration Services

Create personalized engagements across every touch-point and lead better overall patient experiences

Find robust and comprehensive

Salesforce Health Cloud Services

Get a 360-Degree View

of your patients

to identify their requirements and treatment plan

Access Real-time Updates

with patient coordination and engagement

to allow patients and caregivers to send and receive secure messages anytime

Centralize and Standardize

nurse triage services

to make protocol-driven decisions and deliver best-in-class service

Scale and Streamline

compliance and adherence

to help teams to reduce operational costs while receiving positive health outcomes

What you can expect to achieve from our

Salesforce Health Cloud Services

Patient-Centric Experiences

Acquire, support, and engage patients
with a streamlined engagement platform that connects people

Transparency and Predictability

Get critical data and actionable insights
that will help you achieve commercial excellence

A Mobile-First Platform

Seamlessly connect your care teams
to empower better collaboration

Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Deliver Personalized Care

With easy patient engagement on a range of devices

Drive Digital Transformation

With a unified, streamlined platform to track patient engagement

Streamline Healthcare

Processes for reduced complexity and to simplify patient management