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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Deploy intelligence for data driven
startegy, teams, and products

Intelligence for mission-critical
Business Decisions and Transactions

Deploy BI to Connected Systems
  • 1

    Visualize pipeline, revenue, and KPI on Dashboards

  • 2

    Write data to external databases, trigger actions on insights

  • 3

    Easily unlock your Salesorce data through live and output connections

Enable C-suite decision making
  • 1

    Extract data, aggregates, and calculate complex KPIs

  • 2

    Learn inferences from databases for underlying patterns and correlations

  • 3

    Record richer attributes for data, put it ot better use

Accessible VIsualizations
  • 1

    Draw attention to anomalies with visualizations

  • 2

    Add more KPI metrics to youre watchlist

  • 3

    Track insights to keep teams upto date

Empower teams with poweful forecasts

Predictive Sales

Use predictive sales to arrange their priorities and to identify the most beneficial opportunities.

Intelligent Marketing journeys

Arrive at accurate accurate predictions for agents and recommendations for customers with marketing and revenue data

Create and connect intelligently
with Einstein's AI capabilites

Direct users to better answers with intelligence
Aid community interaction to recommend expert help, give beneficial answers to previous queries, and promote relevant posts.
Monetize AI ideas with diusruptive apps
Use Einstein AI to make smarter app builds, recommendations, and wearables