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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Hire Salesforce Technical Architect

Get big-picture thinkers and problem solvers to design secure, high-performance technical solutions

Design Robust Solutions with
Salesforce Technical Architects

Collaborate with Functional Teams
Get technical architects to connect with your functional teams to determine the best way to implement solutions

Identify future needs

Advise solutions and architecture for future use cases, service expansions to reduce time and effort, maximise returns

Expert Platform Knowledge

Complete understanding of Salesforce, integration, and data migration measures to design end-to-end technical solutions

Why You Need Salesforce Technical Architects

Build Customized Solutions
Develop customized Salesforce solutions to support critical business functions and meet project objectives

Communicate Project Strategies

Collaborate with managers, clients, and developers to build cohesive project strategies

Analyze Project Objectives

Interact with clients and managers to analyze project objectives and capability requirements
Manage Changing Project Requirements
Maintain a flexible and proactive work environment to facilitate quick response to project changes

Collaborate with Internal Teams

Work together with internal departments like marketing, product development, and operations

Fault tolerant solutions for large volumes

Architect skills can help facilitate business expansion and develop consumer grade solutions

Drive technical design and development

Get overall system architecture expertise to build and deploy Salesforce solutions

Responsibilities of a Technical Architect

Understand Solution Needs
Understand full extent of the solution required and integration components
Strategic Planning
Develop strategies to solve complex technical challenges with solution architecture
Sales & Business Development
Collaborate with sales and business development team to define winning proposals
Resource Development
Collaborate with teams to discuss solution requirements and needs, assign relevant resources

Our Salesforce Technical
Architects stand out

Knowledge of Out-of-the-Box Tools

Our technical architects have mastered the entire Salesforce suite and its limitations to design high performance solutions

Work on Achieving Product Stability

Our architects build and design reliable customizations, apps, and integration strategies with different legacy systems

Broad Knowledge, Deep Skillset

Architects give a clear picture of what to expect from solutions and available options based on past experience

Create a Roadmap of Building Solution

From deciding number of developers for a solution to setting up the delivery timeline, our architects manage it all

Continuous Technical Support

Our experts follow up with development teams to fix critical issues and check code quality with ongoing changes

Strong Development Background

The teams at 360 Degree Cloud come from years of expertise in diverse technology stacks and best practices in Salesforce development projects

Seasoned design and architecture for large, complex systems