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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Hire Top Salesforce Consultants

for Salesforce Setup-&-run

Salesforce Setup-&-Run

for different establishment sizes

Exploring Salesforce for business-capability needs


With a Non-Profit Success Pack that needs setup

Growing Companies

That need Better, Capable systems right now

What we as Salesforce Consulting Partners bring to
Salesforce Setups

for the right tools

to make the most impact, & ditch spreadsheets right away

Incisive Discovery

for Disruptive Apps & Processes

and Proven Solutions to overcome roadblocks

Running Starts

for Full-service development

and the needs at each stage and scale of Business Evolution

Our Salesforce Setups come with


Best Practice-Driven Setup

to minimize hiccups later

Customizable Unsubscribe Page

perfected over 1000’s of Salesforce setups

Comprehensive Documentation

for user-adoption, complete knowledge-transfer

Planned Foundation

to grow & scale later

Salesforce Setup-&-Run


Discovery for fit

remotely or Onsite, through specialized discovery tools

Advanced Discovery for special needs

when a vanilla setup might not cut it for special processes

Configuration and Fine-Tuning for end users

to lay out system settings, take in preliminary feedback

Core Integration to manage ISV dependencies

for crucial business processes

Quality Checks

so the set up works well

User-Acceptance, Documentation, Last-Mile Testing

to help teams and systems adapt to each other after deployment