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Reasons to Consider Salesforce Communities Implementation

Salesforce Communities
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Online communities aren’t just a platform for selling stuff or discussing trends. Businesses consider Salesforce communities implementation for support and engagement among customers and partners.

Salesforce Community Cloud is a digital space that helps users to share information and collaborate with essential personnel relevant to their particular business processes. It supports personalized forums that serve as a dedicated support site to help team members connect.

For companies, Community Cloud is a suitable platform for multiple workplace interactions like troubleshooting, human resource management, help desk communications, and staying connected with geographically dispersed teams. 

How to enable Salesforce Communities?

Each personalized forum is known as a community, and to create each community, you have to set up your interactive site. Then, you have to use the easy point-and-click branding tools to brand your collaboration space.

These tools are available in the Communities Experience Builder. Once you have your community built, you can start exploring all the features that make Salesforce Community Cloud special.

Key Features of Salesforce Community Cloud

There are plenty of features of Community Cloud, but we’ll be presenting some of the most meaningful ones here. Here are some features that could make your business more robust and result-driven.

  1. Single social sign-on: Salesforce Communities allow you to create ID and passwords or access for users. You needn’t give manual access; instead, you can leverage a single sign-on feature.
  2. Check the reputation of existing members: Salesforce Community Cloud implementation allows you to check the reputation of an existing member. You can do so by checking the rating of every post by which the points are assigned. These points start from 1 and can reach 20, denoting the highly reputed member.
  3. Customized templates and VisualForce: With Community Cloud, you can get many customized templates related to the business category and services. You can flexibly pick any template and add VisualForce pages to give a new life to community portals.
  4. Integration friendly: You can easily use native integration to Salesforce or build a custom API to another backend system for connecting data in disparate systems, allowing the authorized user to access the data in real-time. 

Where You Can Use Salesforce Community Cloud? 

Because Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to publish Community Forms to offer customer support to collect feedback around a service or product, the benefits of community implementation in Salesforce aren’t limited to any one sector. We have listed several fields where Community Cloud is actively used. 

Here’s who uses Salesforce Communities 
  1. Online Service- Rich, self-service experience for customers
    Salesforce Community Cloud allows customers the ease of access to FAQs and articles to help them find solutions independently, which frees agents to work on more crucial tasks. This helps in promoting case escalation and giving customer support agents the time to connect with customers having more critical problems to resolve. 
  2. Higher Education- Streamline the admissions process
    Students have to complete multiple forms throughout the school year. This is where a central hub for accessing all these forms is an invaluable resource. Community Forms allows sharing anything from admission applications to event participation forms. It also helps the parents to have a single source of information to track the progress of their wards. 
  3. Healthcare- Improve the patient experience
    With Community Cloud, you can take the patient registration process online by adding Community Forms to your workflow. Once you are done with creating your patient community, it would take no time at all to gather registration data and upload it to Salesforce. This would help in maintaining patient records in a single view, making it easier to track patient treatment progress.
  4. Sales- Engage with customers
    With Salesforce Community Cloud, you can create an engaging online customer hub by uploading FAQs, forums, and tutorials. You can also add Community Forms to tap into the community/ user base for new ideas. This will help in value addition to your next release and products.
  5. Marketing- Simplify event lead generation
    Events and conferences are the most effective ways to generate new leads and let the customers know how much you value them. But all these events need a lot of planning in which Community Cloud can be of great help. With Salesforce Community Cloud, you can generate forms and reminders to be sure that your most valued customers are invited to your event and can easily register online. 

Salesforce Communities Implementation for a Connected Experience

Community Cloud gives you a hassle-free way to connect and engage with experts and collect data through online communities. Whether you need help with data entry or want to build deeper relationships with your customers and partners, implementation of Salesforce communities is all you need.

For customers, it enables easy access to information, while for the customer support agents, it helps in case escalation and better engagement. We can identify the best strategy for you to identify and address your challenges by implementing appropriate solutions that can enhance your systems. For more information on Community Cloud, reach out to our Salesforce consultants and get the right guidance.

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