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How Can You Extend your Salesforce Platform for Future Services and Offerings?

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Businesses using Salesforce would always wish to have a crystal ball, so they could divine the Salesforce future and how they can use it in their business. You might always look to walk parallel with the Salesforce updates so you can extend your Salesforce platform for future services. But you might not know what exactly you need to work on.

Many companies consider different types of Salesforce customization to extend the capabilities of the platform. But along with that, you need to concentrate on how Salesforce is evolving the platform.

Trends to Consider to Extend Your Salesforce Platform

You should start with tracking the strategic moves made by the industry leader in the worldwide CRM market, Salesforce. That’s how you’ll be ready to predict what CRM clients can hope to expect from providers.

On that note, let’s take a deep dive into the major Salesforce future trends that you need to consider when planning to extend your Salesforce platform for future services. 

1. System and Data Integration

Customers nowadays expect seamless and connected experiences related to the information they share at various touchpoints. But according to the latest report by Salesforce Connected Customer, only 50% of companies are working on customizing their customer engagement according to past interactions.

This is because customer data resides on multiple clouds and off-platform systems. Thus sales, service, and marketing teams have to spend a lot of time and effort scrambling through information when required. To work on this data-driven approach, Salesforce allows integration with different third-party applications to maintain a unified view and data access. 

Be active enough to understand which are applications that you already use can be integrated with Salesforce. You can consider hiring a Salesforce integration service to get the work done.

2. AI and Data-Driven Intelligence

The AI-powered Einstein has been successfully delivering data-driven predictions, insights, and recommendations to make better sales decisions. Using the feature for future services can help promote saving time, resources, and opportunity costs. Here are some of the other developments to show that Salesforce is quite serious about AI and data analytics and the technology will dominate the future:

  • Tableau: An interesting and celebrated move made by Salesforce was its acquisition of Tableau, which will take business intelligence (BI) and analytics to the next level.  This will prove to be helpful when one thinks about the future of data analytics to improve sales targets.
  • Voice-enabled analytics: Using the technology, natural language processing (voice commands), users can instruct Einstein AI for updating Salesforce records.

3. More Focus on Enterprise Mobility

Salesforce has been on top of the mobile revolution, launching CRM to mobile devices. To lay a solid foundation for the future, Salesforce has been encouraging a lot to use the mobile interface via upgrades like:

  • Building native apps: In 2018, Salesforce partnered with Apple to redesign the native Salesforce app. The idea is to utilize iOS capabilities such as Siri Shortcuts, Face ID, and Business Chat for improving user experience.
  • Democratizing Salesforce app development: Salesforce is also known to deliver very intuitive point-and-click app development tools. Salesforce has empowered Salesforce developers by providing a “low-code development environment” with pre-built JavaScript components to simplify development.

Stay Updated to Extend Your Salesforce Platform to Deliver Better in Future

To make sure your Salesforce helps you deliver the best to your customer, make sure you are right on track with everything that’s trending. Every customer seeks service that is best in the industry, and to deliver that you need to keep yourself and your CRM updated.

Want to know what more you can do with your Salesforce to extend its capabilities and power? Talk to our Salesforce consultants to know what exactly your business needs. Contact us with any query or support, and we’ll get back to you.

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