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Salesforce App Development: Must-Have AppExchange Services To Check Out

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For companies, apps have become a trending and convenient method to bring their business closer to customers. But while the idea of having an app on AppExchange is quite fascinating, the idea of building and publishing it is quite daunting. 

Creating an application isn’t just a random process but involves a lot of work, from defining the plan to developing it and working on the time-to-market. There’s no guesswork or hit-and-trial with Salesforce app development. Thus, knocking on the door of experts is the only convenient approach to consider. However, AppExchange development is a big domain and includes several services that you might need. 

When you are thinking of AppExchange development services, think wisely about your exact requirements. With  AppExchange app development experts, you’ll be getting a range of services to choose from as per your requirements. Here we have listed some development services that you must consider.

App Design

The apps are meant to gain customer attention and should be easy to use. This would require an efficient design with UI and UX optimization. When you think of having a user-friendly and attractive application on AppExchange, it’s imperative to think about the app design.

The app design service will help you achieve intelligible and interactive designs and deliver a compelling user experience for enhanced Salesforce adoption. It all begins with creating an app architecture blueprint to reach a design that will be engaging and easy to use.  

App Development

As you go for the app development to get your app listed on AppExchange, the first thing to do is to finalize the architecture to design a prototype. The app developers would work on the prototype to get a clear picture of the app to be developed with the required functionality. 

App development services help to add all the features that you thought about having in the app. The right service will help you get the app with the functionalities you needed, which further goes towards the app packaging process.  

App Packaging

Having the full-fledged app developed doesn’t end up the process of Salesforce mobile app development. The packaging is the first step in distributing your app to customers. The experts you hire for app packaging will create Managed-Beta packages in the beta packaging ord for testing the app. If any issue is detected, the team will go back to development. 

After development, a Managed-Released package will be created in your beta packaging to remove all the issues. It will be sent to a fresh test org for a final check. When the app is ready to launch, the final packaging org will be created, known as “golden package” org.

Custom Connector

Your app on AppExchange will only be fruitful if the users can access it. For this, the AppExchange development services will support you with the custom connector. The custom connector programming provides the users with access to its data either for the system or through mobile. The Salesforce experts will help you use multiple customization options to connect with your customers in a personalized and secure way.

Product Migration to Force.com

There can be times when you might already have a product but have not got it listed on AppExchange. In such situations, instead of going for the AppExchange app development from scratch, you can choose the service for migrating your product to Force.com. 

Migration of your product to AppExchange would be hassle-free when handled by the experts. It will help your app get more attention from the audience that relies on Salesforce.

AppExchange Security Review Assistance

The ever-growing cyber-threats could make an application vulnerable to attacks, allowing the intruder to get unauthorized data. Because of this, the Salesforce security team has included a strict security review of the app before getting it listed in the AppExchange.  

When your agenda is to get your app across the security review, you need the right Salesforce experts to support you. Under the AppExchange security review assistance service, the experts will conduct the internal security reviews and audits along with providing Salesforce.com security review process assistance.

Get it all with the Top Salesforce Development Company

For businesses, having an app on AppExchange is a great way to reach and connect to the respective audience of the industry. But the path to this success passes from having a Salesforce certified developer who can build the app just as you have expected. Just make sure the experts know your business objectives and expectations, and the service you need; rest, the experts will handle it all.

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