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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce for Oil and Gas

Lead the energy transition in an evolving and regulated energy industry

Streamline Your Oil & Gas
Business with Salesforce

Drive Digital Optimization

Drive smarter interactions using AI with suppliers, shareholders, landowners, and the government

Improve On-Site Safety

Empower field teams with digital tools to streamline operations with asset digitization that improve safety

Optimize Oilfield Equipment

Create personalized contracts and bid estimates with analytics to generate value and transparency

Get a Sustainability Strategy

Achieve your sustainability goals with optimized carbon tracking and accounting across assets

Build an empowered workforce and a collaborative culture

Prep your Oil & Gas company for the new era of energy transition

Achieve Digital Transformation Across the Value Chain

Improve Vendor Relationships

Facilitate data sharing across assets and records previous conversations to  work more closely with vendors

Prevent Unexpected

Leverage advanced analytics and AI capabilities to prevent loss of production due to unexpected problems

Enable Remote

Allow field technicians to use remote virtual assistance to collaborate with customers for real-time resolutions

Collaborate Across Business Units

Bringing every team member onto the same platform to accelerate processes to complete visibility

Automate Operations

Simplify manual and tedious tasks with prebuilt workflows using automation to achieve broader business goals

Optimize Pricing

Use AI for  smarter business decisions by identifying the most profitable deals to optimize pricing during bidding

Benefits of Salesforce for an Oil & Gas Business

Modernize Legacy Systems
Upgrade your systems to achieve mission-critical management for your offshore operations and personnel
Manage collaborations, compliance, audits, safety reports, and logistics with a single platform
Conduct secure communications and record management with automated approvals and sign offs
Optimize Inventory
Centrally access the inventory to track material stock and automate reminders for shortage and renewals
Secure Payment
Safeguard transactions and records to conduct secure payments by suppliers, users, and business clients
Eliminate manual work by automating the process of invoice generations for customers and suppliers
Track Logistics in
Handle storage and distribution management by optimizing tracking of logistics partners
Keep tracking progress and goals to stay aligned with your yearly projections to manage profitability

Implement Salesforce in Oil & Gas Company
with 360 Degree Cloud

Meet Rising Demands

Digitize and scale with hassle-free Salesforce integration to provide customer-centric service

Simplify Quote Generation

Generate complex multi-site and multi-product quotes to engage with customers with new personalized offerings

Deliver Digital-First Service

Support your customers, from residential to large commercial industries, with guided journeys and self-service

Achieve a Sustainable Business

Bring speed and agility to your business to solve complex business problems and adapt and evolve with trends

Rapid, Stable Innovation Across Operations that you can Rely On