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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce for Event Management

Manage events and synchronize engagement data simultaneously with experts

Control and Manage your Events with Salesforce

Email Marketing

Easily create and send personalized emails to your customers

Mobile/SMS Marketing

Send targeted SMS campaigns at a moment’s notice to reach out to audience

Online Surveys

Publish cutting-edge online surveys while tracking responses

Engagement Scoring

Gain important insights into the engagement levels of your audience

Collect analytics and streamline event creation

Manage attendees, campaigns, payments, surveys, and event success rate

Manage Variety of Events with our Salesforce Experts

RSVP Events
Segment your audience and send out invitations while recording the received RSVPs
Plan and host conferences by scheduling speakers, allowing guests to manage their schedules
Training Courses
Manage registrations for training courses, whether for one-time session or for entire sequence
Fundraising Events
Raise money for nonprofits or universities using Salesforce to plan an event that appeals to supports

Deliver Personalized Care with Health Cloud Developers

Customize your Campaigns
Attract different segments of audience by customizing your campaigns with specific page layouts
Promote Campaigns
Create online surveys, emails, or, social media strategies to bring engagement for your events
Manage Event Attendance
Know the audience who have responded to campaigns to attend the event while tracking key metrics
Secure Payment Gateways

Safeguard transactions for campaigns and records to conduct secure payments by event attendees 

Access Campaign Reports

Monitor your campaigns with reports and dashboards to find campaign members, attendees, and new leads 

Monitor Turnout and Attendance

Easily determine attendance, cost per response and determine sales revenue and turnout through the event 

Track Event Campaigns, Registrations, and Turnout

Social Media Campaigns

Run social media campaigns to conduct surveys and conduct word-of-mouth marketing 

Ticket Generation

Speed up ticket generation process with landing pages and safe payment gateways 

Itinerary Management

Set your event itinerary, location, and timelines and share it with registered attendees 

Event Feedback and Review

Evaluate the success of your event with feedback forms and reviews by customers 

Post Event Campaigns

Wind up your event successfully by running surveys and post event campaigns 

Kiosk Support and Refund

Deliver personalized support for clients by helping them out with queries, cancellations, and refunds 

Implement Salesforce for Event Management with 360 Degree Cloud

Team of Certified Experts
We have a pool of certified Salesforce developers, with experience of managing events for multiple industries

Compile Event Reports

We’ll help you analyze all the metrics related to your events to identify its success and improve your future events

Build Sites for your Event

We help you to create a branded space for your events where your attendees can find all needed details

Strong Marketing Strategy

We help you get the word out about your event with the right marketing and communication channels

Conduct technology-driven events while tracking engagement and results