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Salesforce Release Manager

Get Experienced Professionals to Handle New Salesforce Releases and Change Management Processes

Get Experienced Release Managers for Successful Product Release

Assign Release Priorities

Assign and manage priorities for changes to be addressed before and after release

Plan the Deployment

Plan the changes and the process to manage those within key interim milestones

Prepare Estimations

Estimate deployment time by collaborating with developments team to plan the release

Prepare Documentation

Manage documentation related to changes made with each product release and its usage to preserve know-how

Plan and Schedule Product Releases

Oversee Development Cycle, Change Management, and Scheduling

Benefits of Hiring a Salesforce Release Manager

Estimate Downtime

Evaluate estimated release downtime and actual release downtime before release

Release Priorities
Ensure attention to high priority releases to prevent downtime 

Coordinate Releases

Coordinated releases by allocating proper resources

Testing before Release

Ensure conducting regression testing in a sandbox before releasing the product

Minimize Release Risk

Minimize risks and errors to reduce the number of rollbacks for improvement

Track Mean Time to Repair

Track crashes and their recovery times to implement ways for speedy recovery

Responsibilities of Salesforce Release Manager

Collaboration & Coordination

Communicate with project teams and project managers to prepare landscape for releases

Planning Project Cutovers

Manage releases while overseeing deployment, adhering to standards

Expertise with Tools

Efficiency of working on application lifecycle management solutions and tools

Mitigating Risks

Identify risks during code conflict and ensure deploying quality code in production

Salesforce Knowledge

Manage work in sandbox, deploy metadata components, and release branching

Managing Rollbacks

Handle each rollback to identify and fix issues ensuring the release stays on schedule

Why Hire Our Salesforce Release Managers

Schedule and Manage Releases

Schedule, coordinate, and manage releases for multiple applications with our release managers

Work Closely with Teams

Our release managers collaborate and work close with IT team to build a release calendar

Manage Risks & Routine

Our release managers stay on track with product releases, without compromising risk management

Assist in Project Management

Handle  change management in a project to  ensure meeting milestones within the project scope and schedule

Manage Changes in Test and Production Environments for Safe Product Release