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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.


Our culture Manifests
In All We Do And More

An energetic, balanced culture that encourages
excellence is what shapes our purpose

Our Core ‘Do’ Values Are At the Center of they Way we Here At 360

We Keep Coming Back To Them and They’ve Never Let Us Down

The 4 ‘Do’ Values that Guide Us

Do what you LOVE

We’re passionate about
helping everyone succeed and invest in our people

Do what’s RIGHT

Integrity is a non-negotiable at 360. We take ethical decisions in an honest, transparent manner even in the face of hard challenges.

Do it WELL

Improvement is a continuous journey done best in open,  receptive environment continuously

Do it for EVERYONE

We give all employees, stakeholders, partners, and customers the same level of care and attention. We’re responsible world citizens that treat all opinions with respect 

At its Core, the Teams at 360 are a Great Bunch to be Around
to Grow Professionally and Personally

We Make Space and Recognition
for Talent to Thrive

Khushboo Sinha

Happy employees are more accurate and have better analytical abilities . A perfect example of Work-life balance. The company thinks more about employees and always supports them. When people are financially invested, they want
a return.

Kumar Madhurendra

This Organization is totally growing day by day & if you want to work in a Live organization , come and join. No workplace is fully perfect we have to make it perfect so yes we are growing on a daily basis in each and every department. Thanks

Priyanka Rawat

Great experience with 360 Degree cloud, very helpful colleagues. In addition to motivating & supportive team leaders. Overall a good place
to work personally and professionally.

Atul Sharma

Working with 360 Degree cloud for more than 3+ years. Always provide new opportunities to learn things, Great leaders always motivate & support. Overall really a awesome place to work.

How We Let Our Hair Down


Our getaways together bind us a team and and give us the opportunity to take in completely new experiences


We’re big on celebrations here at 360 - whether its festivals or deal wins - there’s never a lull

Weekend Fun

We go all on weekend celebrations and competitive engaging games, no matter where in the world we are

Self Love

We never let stress creep up on us, Show yourself some self care with Yoga sessions, Zumba, and Meditation

We Help Ideas Flow

Friends, Not colleagues

At 360, you’ll find real people that you can bond with and open up to over shared passions

Winning Together

We celebrate all our wins as a team and build each other up in an increasingly uncertain world

Candor and Accessibility

We communicate freely, Leaders across all functions are besides you for guidance, whenever you need them 

Comfortable Environment

All offices spread across 6 locations are built as ergonomic, collaborative  spaces 

Ready To Experience 360 Degrees?

Get to Know the Unique Perspectives and Balance
That Make Us So Proud of 360