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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Duplicate Management App for Salesforce

Clean records and eliminate duplicate data from your Salesforce database, improve data quality for better results

What you can do with
360 Merge Duplicates

Duplicate Data Removal
Extract more value

out of existing database and discover new business opportunities

User-Friendly Dashboard

Support high user-adoption

to aid employees with convenient deduplication of records

Auto-Merge Salesforce Duplicate Data

Save time and effort

when merging individual or batches records at scale

Track Merge History

Count Merges and View History

to understand the ‘degree’ of duplicity in your Salesforce records

What we as Salesforce ISV Partners bring to

360 Merge Duplicate App

Duplicate data Filtering

Filter data effectively to identify and merge duplicate data

Data-Merge Scheduling

Schedule Merges for duplicate records on lead, account, and contact objects

Real-time Deduplication

Eliminate redundancies in real-time to improve data quality

Scalable Merging

Scale Merges upto 2k records in one go

Duplicate Records Comparison

Compare similar records for better data analysis

Single-click Filters

Fast search and discovery with primary records, criteria, and filters for discovering duplicates
Get Optimized messaging and calling lists with the

360 Merge App

Verifies existing email

for Web-to-Case

Improves Salesforce data-health

in just a few clicks.

Delivers superior customer service

and low support turnaround.

Easy Setup for users

from all technical backgrounds.

Seamless Merge Operations

Though Salesforce Nativity & Stable Upgrades